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Bangkok, Thailand
Non-Immigrant Thai ED Visa- Sandee Thai School- 1 Year Thai Lessons Learning Thai and Staying in Thailand Legally Sandee Thai Language School offers 1 year Thai Lessons for 200 hours. 4 hours/once a week for only 18,000 THB or around 600 USD. We provide documents for Non-Immigrant Thai ED Visa application. No more hassles of Visa Runs every 15-30 days. Contact: E-mail: info(@) Mobile: +66 84 388 2832 Tel: +66 2 641 4748 ext Sandee Thai Language School

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About Language Immersion Courses in Thailand

The Asian country of Thailand is considered to be a traveler’s paradise. Some of the top tourist destinations in East and South Eastern Asia are located in this small country. Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world, which attract a lot of foreigners, and tourism is one of the principal income generators in this nation. But not many are aware that Thailand is also an excellent educational destination. In Asia, Thailand has one of the most straightforward educational systems, and its higher education platform draws in a lot of international students every year. Besides the government educational institutes, there are plenty of affordable private colleges and universities that supplement the government initiatives fully. For most students tying to get the best academic courses in Thailand, learning Thai would be of immense help.
The formal and official lingua franca of Thailand is Thai. The Thai language is similar to some of the other tongues in this region, but it still has its distinctive flavor, and learning Thai can be of immense help in everyday usage in Thailand. Thai is used in all government business as well as in most educational institutes as the first language. But the Thai language is a complex one, as far as its dialects are concerned. People of northern Thailand use a different form of Thai than the southern people, and for the first time visitors to the country, this might be a source of some confusion. The language immersion courses in Thailand support both tourists and international students alike to get an in-depth knowledge of this traditional language, with all its complexities and uniqueness!
Besides Thai, Chinese also is spoken in many parts of the country. Since Thailand shares a lot of historical and regional relationship with the big Asian power, China, it is quite natural that a lot of people speak Chinese in day to day life. The number of Chinese speakers in Thailand is much lower than Thai speakers, but it still helps to know some Chinese. If a student or a working professional desires to become a part of the Thai culture, enrolling in Thai and Chinese studies in Thailand can come real handy. Additionally, Thailand has many tribal languages, which are unique and have their own scripts. To understand and appreciate the complete Thai scenario, one must not ignore these important minorities in Thailand. For example, tribal languages like Khmer, Mon, Vet, Orang Asl, Moken, Cham, Karen, Akhan, Saek, Nyaw and others are used in many places across the country. Most foreigners might not have a clue about these languages, but for language scholars and academicians, they do play a vital role in deciphering the true nature of Thailand!
Another great advantage that most international students have in Thailand is that English is a compulsory language taught in the country, especially in the middle schools. Hence a lot of people have basic knowledge of this international tongue. However, the number of proficient English speakers is significantly lower than Thai or Chinese speakers. So locals might understand some English, but it might not be sufficient for international students and professionals. And thus learning Thai is a great idea for non-Thais in Thailand, if they have a long-term goal in the country.

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