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ON THE 6TH JULY 2011 FROM 15H TO 19H. (If you cannot attend the auditions, contact us and we will arrange an alternative process.) The training we offer, based on Etienne Decroux’s corporeal mime, is designed for people wishing to multiply and amplify their theatrical knowledge and expressive abilities, and those wishing to create a theatre where the body is the main mean of expression.

 Our training is based on the following principles: 

 Learning a technique gives the actor a greater freedom. 
Through the rigorous study of corporeal mime technique and its contemporary development, teachers and students work together to abolish the distance between the actor/actress and his/her instrument. 

 Training to become actors-creators
. The actor/actress is not only a performer of theatre plays. We think he/she is the centre of the creation in theatre. A trained actor - more imaginative, skilled, and daring - is the key to a richer, subtle, and beautiful theatre. 

 Learning through the process of “poor theatre”
. “The poorer in means, the richer is an art.” (E. Decroux).
 The poverty in means as a learning process, encourages the actor to overcome the limits of what he thought was possible. Thanks to his imagination, his technical and interpretative skills, the actor has to show us the visible as well as the invisible. 

 The body of the actor/actress is not just a body. 
It is not only the skin of a character… A trained and stylised body can create a new theatrical element, and can become more than just a body on stage.
“The body is a glove of which the finger is the thought” (E. Decroux). 

Physical theatre is a complete theatre. 
Corporeal mime is not an art of silence. It is rather a corporal interpretation technique that can include the voice and/or other theatrical elements, depending and each project's artistic necessities. 

 Our training program is built around two nine month periods, 4 days a week, 20 hours weekly. Students can follow one or two periods. A diploma is awarded to those who successfully complete the two periods of training. A certificate is awarded to students completing one period. 
 The school also offers a 3rd year course. 

The school welcomes every year student from more than 10 different countries.
 Our teachers are all professionals involved in creation process as directors or actors. 
To attend the auditions, please send us a mail with your cv. They consist in a two hours practical class with other applicants and a personal interview with the directors of the centre. For an alternative enrollment solution or for more information, contact us.

Todos los programas disponibles:
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    • Teatro
    • Artes Escénicas
    • Arte Dramático
    • Artes Escénicas
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