Language immersion courses in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo-Egypt, Cairo
We offer courses for all language levels from complete beginners to highly advanced. We have created highly interactive online courses that fit all needs and age groups in Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and Quranic Arabic. For more information on our course offerings and services, please visit the following link: In addition to the online courses, Arabic schooling offers one-on-one speaking classes with highly qualified native... See full description.

Shara Nawal nº 8 dokki, Cairo, Egypt
Drayah Language Centre offers Arabic language teaching and contemporary Egyptian culture at Cairo, Egypt. The cultural programs offered at the institute allow students to travel and explore the rich Egyptian tradition & history which will help in language acquisition. In addition to qualified teachers there are also teacher assistants, who help students to cover up the lectures & participate in activities to build confidence of the students. The class population is deliberately kept small... See full description.

Villa no.35 , 77 ST., El Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

12 Dokki Street Samir and Ali Library Building 7th floor, Cairo, Giza, Egypt
Reach Out is offering intensive Arabic courses at a fantastic price, under our Access Cairo program- designed to help foreigners adapt to life in Egypt. All courses are taught by a professional teacher who has had many years experience teaching in international schools. Students can learn either Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). Lessons start from 11 September 2011, 4 weeks, 5 days per week(Sunday-Thursday),2 hours per day, a total of 40 hours lesson... See full description.