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3 Gagarinskaia Street, St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia
European University at St. Petersburg is a renowned independent postgraduate college that specializes in social sciences and humanities and also provides professional training in Russian and Eurasian studies. International students can enroll in a Master’s degree in social sciences and humanities (IMARES) taught in English. Other programs taught in English include the undergraduate semester abroad in Russian studies (RSSA) as well as summer schools. Students will also enjoy the richness... See full description.

Polytechnicheskaya, 29, St. Petersburg, St.Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University was founded in the year 1899. It is recognized in the world as a leader in fields like higher engineering and economic education. It welcomes over 30.000 students each year and almost 3.000 of them come from other countries. The main areas of education are: information technologies, humanities, economics, physics and engineering. The university has international cooperation with other educational institutions. See full description.

87, Gorky Street, Vladimir, Russia

No:-10, Student’s Street,, Voronezh, Russia

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