Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the Mediterranean ‘s busiest ports. It’s a very innovative and metropolitan city with a population of 1.510.000 originally founded by the Carthaginians. The area was eventually invaded by the Visigoths and the Muslims until being expulsed by northern armies.

Boasting many historical monuments and unique modern displays of architecture, Barcelona considers itself to be the most dynamic city in Spain . Visiting Barcelona feels little like being in Spain but at the same time delivers most of Spain ‘s charming qualities with people in Barcelona generally being very friendly to foreigners.

Barcelona is known for the best in Spanish and international fashion design. Although Barcelona doesn’t hold up to Madrid in terms of fiesta and nightlife it makes up for it in culture and diversity. The city has a very active live arts scene with many exciting theatre and dance companies and a fair share of night clubs.

Places to visit:

  • The Sagrada Familia – This breathtaking church and very unique work of art by Gaudí is filled with beautiful architecture and artwork.
  • The Cathedral – A compact Gothic cathedral built on the foundation of a site dating back to Visigoth times.
  • Las Ramblas – A long walkway leading up to the waterfront full of lots of entertaining mimes, musicians, and some other interesting things.
  • Montjuïc – A hill that rises above the port on the south side of the city full of museums, art galleries, gardens and nightclubs.


  • September 24 th – La Maercè, The patroness of Barcelona is honored in late September with church ceremonies, concerts and dancing.
  • January 17 th – Els Tres Tombs, Dressed up horseman ride through the streets to honor St Anthony, the patron saint of animals.
  • September 11 th – La Diada , Catalonia ‘s national day
  • May 11 th – Dia de Sant Ponç, The day of the patron saint of bookkeepers and herbalists, consists of selling herbs and candied fruits
  • August – Festa Major, city streets compete for producing the most interesting and beautiful decorations

Reference: Spain Eyewitness Travel Guide

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