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Programa de Estudio:

  • Filología, Idiomas, Literatura
    • Cursos de Idiomas
    • Cursos de Idiomas e Inmersión Cultural
    • Inglés Americano
    • Lengua y Literatura (en Universidades)
    • Inglés Lengua y Literatura (en Academias de Idiomas)

Tipo de estudios: Cursos de inglés para extranjeros, Cursos de idiomas
Idioma de enseñanza: Ingles
Tipo de centro: Academia o Escuela de Idiomas

Localidad: 8266 Fountain Avenue, Suite #B, West Hollywood , California, Estados Unidos, 90046
Teléfono y Fax: Tel.: 1-888-462-2239 (toll-free) , 1-323-656-6200 (from overseas) Fax.: 1-866-488-4642 (toll-free)

Servicios y actividades:
During the week, students will start a typical day with an English workshop. After lunch, all students and staff assemble for the daily group meeting. In the afternoons and evenings, students choose from a variety of social, recreational, and artistic activities: sports (such as baseball, basketball and swimming), excursions to local sites and museums, concerts and performances, shopping, nature walks, conversation at outdoor cafés and restaurants, and dancing. In addition to planned activities with the Abbey Road group, students will have plenty of free time to pursue personal interests, make friends and explore the town. We strive to maintain a perfect balance between structured activities and free time. While we give our students this privilege, we expect them to adhere to the program rules and safety guidelines, especially the policies on alcohol and curfew, and generally to uphold our standards of responsibility and maturity.

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