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Founded almost 40 years ago, Spanish Institute for Global Education is based in Seville, the fourth largest city in Spain. The school currently offers programs suited for university students, and courses for teachers of Spanish as a second language, and Spanish courses for foreigners. Students pursuing studies at Spanish Institute have the unique opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities during their courses. Spanish Institute also offers internship programs within a variety of companies, allowing students to gain hands-on experience. Our exceptional services consist of two fundamental pillars; a personalized student integration experience and a modern learning methodology. Spanish Institute offers a well-rounded service to students, helping them integrate seamlessly into their studies by providing assistance with accommodation, travel paperwork and documentation, visas, and accreditations. The school also offers medical insurance to students, providing access to health care with some of the best private hospitals in Spain. Modern Learning Methodology At Spanish Institute, we understand how languages are learned effectively, which is reflected in our learning methodology. Our school has developed a methodology that is up-to-date with the way today’s students learn. Classes are both enjoyable and effective, and students leave our programs after making significant progress in acquiring Spanish language skills. In fact, through our methodology, we have developed courses that are designed and dedicated to training teachers of Spanish as a second language. Established Connections with Universities and Companies For our university programs we work with three universities in Seville, (University of Seville, Pablo de Olavide and EUSA), and with several North American colleges and universities, including the University of Miami and Pitzer College, among others. For internships in companies and volunteer programs, Spanish Institute collaborates with a wide range of companies and institutions. Our internships cover many professional sectors, and we are always growing and making new connections. We always have a team of professionals available to answer any questions and help solve any problems that students may have. Students leave Spanish Institute for Global Education with an academic or internship certificate including the details of their experience. Many of our programs also have the option to obtain official credits.

All Programs Available:
  • Education
    • Language Teaching
    • Language and Literature Didactic
  • Humanities
    • Spanish for foreigners
    • History of Spain
    • Cultural Art History
    • Applied Sociology
    • Applied Social Studies
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Spanish Courses
    • Spanish for specific purposes
    • business
    • tourism
    • health or law
    • Spanish Language and Literature (in Language Schools)
    • Spanish as a Second Language
    • Spanish Language and Culture
    • Hispanic Literature and Theory of Literature
    • Hispanic Linguistics
    • Hispanic Philology
    • Spanish Language and Literature (in Universities)
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • Language Courses
    • Spanish Studies
  • Sciences
    • Biology
  • Social and Cultural studies
    • Language and Culture
    • Hispanic Studies
    • Spanish Civilization and Culture
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Avda Luis de Morales 32, Planta 4, Módulo 6, Seville, 41018


ACCOMMODATION WITH A HOST FAMILY IN SEVILLE Living with a family allows our students to fully discover the Spanish culture, life and people. At Spanish Institute we believe that this is an important aspect of the program. The academic year program includes accommodation in a host family and offers the option of staying during the winter holiday period at an additional fee.

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