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Located in the picturesque country of Sweden, the University of Gävle is a major center of higher education and research. The university is currently home to approximately 14,500 students and boasts over 50 study programs and second-cycle programs and roughly 1,000 courses in humanities, the social and natural sciences and technology.

 Campus at the University of Gävle

Located in Kungsbäck in the city of Gävle, the campus of the University of Gävle offers a lovely study environment with all programs gathered in one centralized area. The campus consists of several buildings, just a short walk from each other, and carefully re-built regiment barracks serving as classrooms.

The institution, which is located in a scenic area near the Gävle River and the Boulogner Forest, boasts an abundance of regional connections and a contact network reaching all over the world.

The University of Gävle is located within biking or walking distance from the city center, separated only by lush green space that is often dotted with students taking advantage of the local flora and beautiful weather.

Brief History of the University of Gävle

Below are just a few landmark dates highlighting the history of the University of Gävle:

  • 1977:   Founding of the university
  • 1996:   Inauguration of the new campus
  • 1999:   Addition of Department of Caring Sciences and Sociology
  • 2000:   Addition of Built Environment Research Division, formerly affiliated with       the Royal Institute of Technology
  • 2003:   Addition of the Centre for Musculoskeletal research
  • 2004:   Awarded Environmental Certification ISO 14001 standard
  • 2006:   Inauguration of the new University library

Mission Statement, Vision and Aims

As stated on its helpful website, the Mission Statement and Vision Statement, as well as the primary aims of the University of Gävle, are as follows:

Mission Statement

The University of Gävle is human-centered and develops the understanding of a sustainable living environment.

Vision Statement

The University of Gävle has a leading position in education and research for a sustainable human living environment.


Through a well developed collaboration with other higher education institutions, local and regional businesses, and the civil and public sector, the University of Gävle aims to provide:

  •  A range of professional education and training programs that satisfy society´s need for skills at the local, regional and national levels, and that are requested by students.
  • First and second-cycle education programs in our featured areas of study.
  • Research and third-cycle programs of a high international standard.
  • High Accessibility to the university´s educational programs through flexible solutions with unlimited study opportunities in time and space.
  • An attractive and stimulating working and learning environment with distinct international elements.

Research at the University of Gävle

The “built environment” and “health promotion” are viewed as the primary areas of research at the University of Gävle.  Important studies are currently underway in the areas of Spatial Planning, with a specialization in Sustainable Built Environments; and Musculoskeletal Disorders with the purpose of preventing work-related injuries.  In 2010, the University of Gävle received permission to carry out third-cycle programs (PhD programs) in the profile area of Built Environments.  The university has also applied for permission to carry out third-cycle programs in technology, humanities and social sciences.

Distance Education at the University of Gävle

Before some of the more traditional universities and higher education institutions began offering online and distance education programs, the University of Gävle had adapted programs to meet the demands for this mode of education.  In doing so, the university was able to open up educational doors for working and disabled adults who might otherwise had been excluded from higher education opportunities. Today, the University of Gävle is one of Sweden's leading higher education institutions when it comes to distance education. While certain distance education courses require students to spend some of their time on campus, others are based purely on modern IT support, thus allowing students throughout Sweden and around the world to participate.  The wide range of distance courses at the University of Gävle enable students everywhere, regardless of where they live, to carry out their academic studies.

Information for International Students

Internationalization is a very high priority of the University of Gävle and the institution now offers an increasing number of courses taught in English to help open doors of opportunity for foreign-born students. International educational exchanges and academic cooperation across national boundaries have long been a tradition of the school, with most of the international mobility occurring within other EU countries and via exchange programs with Australian universities. The major part of this international collaboration takes place at the undergraduate and master degree levels. In the past few years, the University of Gävle has established new academic contacts in countries such as Canada, China and South Africa, a development that adds to the university´s global network of educational exchanges. Today the university has more than 90 international exchange partnerships, resulting in an ever increasing number of international student exchanges.  Moreover, the on-going international exchange of Gävle faculty and administrators creates a stable foundation for the university´s international network of educational programs and research projects.

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