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Since ancient prehistory, Turkey has stood at the crossroads of the East and West, and it is the meeting place of Europe and Asia in both a geographic and a cultural sense. Whether you’re staring up at the majestic spires of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul or learning about Turkish history in one of the country’s excellent universities, a study trip in Turkey is sure to be an inspirational and edifying experience.

Given its location and its history as a meeting place of people and cultures from all over the world, it is no surprise that many languages can be heard in Turkey. While Turkish is the sole official language, and the main language that you will hear in the streets, there are also large numbers of people who speak Arabic, German, French, Dutch, Serbo-Croat, and in some cases English. English is still not a common language in Turkey, although most young people, especially in large cities, can speak it well enough. In major urban centers such as Ankara, English speakers are considerably easier to come by.

Turkey is a fairly large country, so it’s worth considering the wide variety of study options that are available in various parts of the country. Of course, the most popular destination is Istanbul, the ancient city on the Bosporous that provides Turkey’s most exciting sightseeing and is home to some of its best universities. While there is no question that Istanbul is one of the best academic destinations in the world, it is also worthwhile to consider some of the other possibilities. There are many towns along turkey’s long Mediterranean coast, for example, that offer students the option of studying in a warm, sunny, and quiet atmosphere very different from the center of the bustling cities. There are also some options in the country’s interior, including in the capital city of Ankara.

No matter where you are in Turkey, the opportunities for foreign travel are endless. Turkey is right in between Europe and the Middle East, so over the course of a semester students can spend weekends or school breaks in destinations as diverse as Beirut, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, and Egypt. These and many other countries are accessible either by train or by a short flight from any part of Turkey.

Practical concerns such as getting around, finding food, and other logistical matters will vary widely depending on where you are in the country. While Istanbul has a fairly modern and up-to-date transportation system, the small towns in the country’s interior and eastern regions (collectively referred to as Anatolia) are often much more rustic. These options are best saved for the more adventurous students.

Turkey is a large and diverse enough country to offer something for everyone. Working adults can often find positions teaching English in order to help finance their studies, and college and high school students can benefit from some of the most popular and high-quality study abroad programs in the world. Since ancient times, people from all over the world have congregated in Turkey, and the same holds true today. With all that the country has to offer, it is easy to see why.

Language Courses in Turkey

Language immersion courses in Turkey are designed for all age groups. From teenagers to adults- everyone can benefit from these language courses. Learning Turkish in Turkey is meant not only for students, but also for working professionals, casual tourists, researchers and immigrants.  Those who enroll in these language courses are provided comprehensive study material and audio visual aids, to help them master the language and culture of Turkey reasonably well. They are provided an opportunity to immerse themselves in various Turkish studies- that vary in duration from several months to years - depending on their willingness to become a part of this changed cultural scenario.
Some of the best language schools in Turkey are located in the capital, Istanbul. These Turkish studies are designed keeping in mind the aptitude and the needs of the learner. For instance, those who want to learn Turkish for business purposes or for everyday usage will be provided a simpler syllabus. On the other hand, those into language studies, historical research or involved in cross country cultural exchange programs will be provided a tighter and tougher syllabus and schedule for an in-depth understanding of Turkish. Also, most of these Turkish language schools hire the best language teachers in the country. They are native speakers and are well aware of the uniqueness of the tongue. They are also qualified professors with a desire for teaching. Since the teachers have to deal with different students from diverse nationalities, age groups and professions, they usually have the ability to connect with different kinds of students and communicate the richness of Turkish language and culture.
In Turkey, the stress is mostly on Turkish, because it is the only officially recognized language in this west Asian country. Unfortunately, there is no formal government data to exactly pinpoint the number of Turkish speakers here. However, a United Nations figure states that nearly 75 percent of people in the country speak Turkish. Since, a huge number of people are well versed with the language, and use it daily, it is vital for all international students and job holders to learn some Turkish in Turkey. Besides Turkish, the other significant language (not yet a national language though) in the country is Kurdish. Nearly 20 percent of the population in the country uses Kurdish as their mother tongue. Some of the other languages (minority ones) are Azeri, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Uzbek. There are multitudes of different dialects of major languages spoken here too. For example, there are people speaking in dialects of Arabic, Kurdish and Bosnian. There are different radio and television channels in the country that broadcast programs in some of these minor languages and dialects, but primarily the stress is on Turkish.
Learning Turkish in Turkey is essential because locals use this language for their daily activities. People around you will be using this language to converse with each other. So if a person desires to become a part of this culture, it is of prime importance that they imbibe the cultural ethos of Turkey. Language is surely a gateway for this purpose!

Schools that offer language courses in Turkey

BABEL Language Centre

Antalya, Turkey
Babelgrup is a specialized language center, founded in Antalya, Turkey. The city is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Babelgrup has established working relationships with private individuals and legal professionals, corporations and organizations both in Turkey and throughout the world. It takes special pride in its young, motivated, friendly and professional team. The organization strives to provide an excellent service, always keeping up with latest technology. The school offers programs in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian language... See full description.

Cities to study in Turkey

CSA Study Abroad
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