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Cities to study in Uganda

Uganda, a small East African country on the shores of Lake Victoria, is an excellent destination for study-abroad programs, service learning experiences, and even full four-year degrees. There is no question that this is the real African experience. Uganda is not a common destination for European tourists, so unlike Kenya, South Africa, or other popular African destinations, you will not encounter people who are accustomed to foreigners in their midst. While some people can find this intimidating, others are invigorated by the knowledge that they are participating in something exciting and unusual. From the hectic urban bustle of Kampala to the gorilla reservations of the mountainous rainforests and the small, dusty villages of the Serengeti, this small country combines all the best that Africa has to offer.

There is no getting around the fact that Uganda is a country that has been rocked by major crises over the last several years. After emerging from the tyrannical reign of dictator Idi Amin, the nation has struggled with famines and extreme poverty for many years, and political conflicts in neighboring countries such as Rwanda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Nonetheless, it remains a fairly safe and stable place to study – certainly much more so than neighboring countries. The capital, Kampala, is perfectly safe, as are many of the surrounding areas and villages. Only the extreme south and the northeastern regions are dangerous, and all study abroad programs and service trips to Uganda are savvy enough to avoid these areas. The overwhelming majority of the country is safe, and as long as one exercises common sense, no problems will occur.

Most of the academic programs in Uganda are centered on issues of development and poverty. Uganda is an ideal place to study these things, since it has a level of safety far beyond other impoverished African nations. Many European and American students come to Uganda to learn about the myriad challenges presented by Uganda’s underdeveloped economy, and find that the knowledge they gain first-hand is far greater than anything that could be learned in a textbook.

There are also a few universities in the country that accept foreign students, and every year a few highly ambitious and adventurous students take positions in freshman classes here. Fully-accredited degrees are available from universities in Kampala, and there is certainly no comparison to the amount of knowledge and insight that one can gain from living and working for several years amongst typical Ugandan college students. Nonetheless, the majority of people who come to Uganda for academic purposes stay only for a few months, one year at the most.

There is nothing quite like the experience of studying abroad in Uganda. No other country can offer the combination of academic opportunities, first-hand experiences of poverty and economic development, and safety. While Uganda may not be the easiest option for foreign study, it is certainly one of the most adventurous and rewarding.