Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Ukraine

About Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Ukraine

Ukraine, which is one of the most developed countries of Europe, has a solid educational system which provides education to all with equal emphasis being provided to the primary as well as higher education. When it comes to higher education, Vocational Education in Ukraine plays a major part, especially after the Decree on Vocational training Ukraine was passed in the year 1998.

In Ukraine, attending schools for all children aged between seven and 15 is compulsory. The age at which, the Ukrainian children start going to schools is six while they leave school at the age of 15. After the students complete general study at the age of 15, they can opt for vocational studies in Ukraine, and enroll into what is known as Atestat or Matriculation School.

Generally, vocational schools in Ukraine are called Vocational Secondary Schools or Technikum. They provide extensive employment oriented training to students looking for a fast entry into the labor market. The length of vocational training in Ukraine is five years and students can attain the same between the ages of 15 to 20. The certificates that Ukrainian students can hope to receive upon successful completion of vocational training are the Atestat, Diplom Technika or the Matriculation School Certificate, Professional Secondary School Leaving Diploma, and the Junior Specialist certificate.

They can also get into other vocational schools in Ukraine, which are locally called Profesijno-Tecnichne Uchylyshche. The curriculum here runs for four years and the age of students is between 15 and 20. At the end of these courses the students are handed over the Atestat, Swidoctwo Pro Zakinchennia Uchylyshcha/Matriculation School Certificate, and the Vocational School Leaving Certificate.

In Ukraine, the State Higher Education System consists of 940 higher educational institutions (HEI). Out of them, 806 are public while the rest 134 enjoy other types of ownership. Non-public HEIs are compulsory in Ukraine and are legally recognized and administered by the state through various educational curriculums. HEIs in Ukraine consist of vocational schools, universities, colleges, institutes, academies and conservatories.

According to the status released by the HEIs, the following levels of accreditation function in Ukraine:
  • Level I – various vocational schools in Ukraine and other HEIs, which teach the junior specialists by the process of using various Educational and Professional programs (EPPs);
  • Level II – Various career colleges in Ukraine and other HEIs with similar credentials, which provide the curriculums of teaching bachelors, and if needed the  junior specialists by the process of using EPPs;
  • Level III – various institutes, universities,  conservatories, and academies, which  provide teaching sessions bachelors as well as specialists, and junior specialists, by the process of EPPs;
  • Level IV – various institutes, universities, conservatories, academies, which teach bachelors, specialists and masters if required, by using the process of EPPs.
At present, the higher educational system of Ukraine consists of 327 technical vocational schools Ukraine, 216 vocational education Ukraine centers, 117 colleges, 149 institutes: 2 conservatories, 48 academies and 81 universities.

The 1st and the 2nd levels of accreditation comprise of 660 technical schools, vocational schools Ukraine, colleges – out of which 606 are public.

The 3rd and the 4th levels of accreditation is made up of 280 HEIs, out of which, 202 are public.

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