Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Guatemala

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Guatemala

Growth of the internet has revolutionized education in most parts of the world. In Guatemala too, the advantages of internet in the field of education have been recognized by both, the government as well as the population.  Students, who lack access to higher education in universities, either due to insufficient grades, or geographical constraints, find an ideal alternative in online degree courses. Online courses in Guatemala, which are offered by accredited universities, help students to complete their higher education conveniently, and obtain recognized certification.

Online Degree Programs in Guatemala

Accredited private universities offer both, bachelors, as well as, master’s degree programs online. There are no special requirements for enrolling into these online degree programs in Guatemala. The candidates need a secondary education completion certificate to qualify. Online degree courses are offered in various disciplines, such as, archeology, agriculture, chemical engineering, anthropology, food technology, forest engineering, sociology, psychology and history, and so on. In addition, students can choose from either completely or partially online courses in Guatemala. Just as in a regular university course, students enrolled into online courses in Guatemala are required to take exams and complete the duration of the degree program for obtaining their degree. While online bachelor’s programs span 4 years, an online master’s program in Guatemala lasts 1 to 2 years and might require students to submit a thesis. Many foreign universities and business schools also offer online and distance learning MBA programs in Guatemala. Most universities allow students to choose from full time or part time courses.

Distance education and online degree programs in Guatemala are ideal for individuals who wish to pursue higher education, but are unable to do so, owing to distance, lack of funds or lack of time. Online courses in Guatemala allow students to work while they study, as they are not required to attend regular classes. This is a huge drawing factor for many students, who are eager to join the labor market to contribute financially in the family. An online master’s or MBA can significantly enhance the career opportunities of a student and most importantly they are cheaper and much more affordable that regular university programs.

In addition to online degree programs, online language courses are also extremely popular in Guatemala. There are many private institutes that offer online language education to those who wish to learn a foreign language. These courses cater to both, foreigners looking to learn Spanish online, as well as, natives who wish to learn a foreign language, such as English.
Many people in Guatemala now recognize the importance of higher education. However, most of them, especially those live in rural areas find it difficult to enroll into a traditional university. Online degree and distance learning schools open up new possibilities, and empower them by raising their employability.

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