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Studies & Degrees in Arabic Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Studies is a comprehensive program that involves course works and requirements in history, culture, literature, language, geography of the Arab world and its politics. Students taking the course are required to learn a specific Arabic language to effectively blend and communicate with the Arab people—with special consideration of the Arab culture. The program’s curriculum provides students with fundamental education on Arabic language along with the key issues linked to learning Arabic as a foreign language. Graduates of Arabic Studies can pursue further education and choose their area of specialization (e.g. applied linguistics or theoretical linguistics and literature) as they take M.A. and Ph.D. Moreover, the undergraduates become qualified in earning their master’s not just in Arabic Studies but Persian Studies and Turkish Studies as well wherein in-depth learning of the languages and cultures of the Arab world is highly emphasized.

Students who completed the course will not simply be proficient in Arabic language but their knowledge about Arabic culture will be advanced and absolutely essential. They are trained to become critical thinkers and effective leaders as they receive positions in teaching, research, and language studies. They are also qualified to work with other professionals and business organizations in the Arabic countries as their foundation in the understanding of Arabic culture, religions, customs, and language of the areas is compelling enough. Students are open to diverse career choices and some of the opportunities that await them are careers in diplomatic service, policy-making positions and ministries, NGOs that conduct development cooperation projects, and other international organizations that promote cultural tourism within socio-cultural sectors.

As educators immerse their students with the modern Arabic language expressed in both written and spoken form, students will be able to get informed about the region’s current trends in culture, business events and conditions, and issues concerning political and economical sectors since all play a huge role in shaping the modern Arab countries. More importantly, students will receive quality education and learning opportunities in determining crucial information of Islam religion. This religious study will equip every student with the right knowledge concerning the religion and its role in modern and historic Arab culture. Naturally, students will be taught and given a firm and better understanding of present-day developments in the Middle East by knowing and learning its historical background that is directly linked to Islam religion—from the beginning of the Islamic period to the present.

Knowledge in Arabic Studies provides every student with a sea of career opportunities. The Arab world has been distinguished from other regions of the world and students with a degree in Arabic Studies are high in demand. Organizations like government agencies, development programs, human rights advocacies, public relation departments, organizations for cultural affairs, business corporations, and even financial institutions look for professionals who have satisfied the requirements needed in becoming a learned practitioner, researcher, and managers among others.

Certainly, practical experiences and better compensation and benefits are easy to earn when one earns a degree in Arabic Studies—have a good look at the course curriculum to know better.