Pediatric Cardiologists

Do you know that not all people who suffer from heart diseases are due to smoking or live a sedentary lifestyle for that matter? Most often, we associate the occurrence of heart diseases with vices and poor eating and health habits that we sometimes forget that others experience it even before the onset of their first birthday! The onset of the diseases of the heart is not only exclusive for adults because even adolescents, toddlers and fetuses inside the womb suffer from heart diseases.

It is the job of a Pediatric Cardiologist to take care of such illnesses. There are two types of heart conditions that are commonly observed in children and these are: congenital heart disease and acquired heart disease.

It is the responsibility of the Pediatric Cardiologist to identify the presence of a heart illness in a fetus through the use of an echocardiogram to acquire an ultrasound illustration of the heart. The fetal echocardiogram can present data that aids in evaluating the structure, action and arrhythmias of the baby’s heart. Once a nurse, midwife or obstetrician discovers a risk in the expectant mother’s condition, he or she then refers her to a Pediatric Cardiologist.
Conditions such as children experiencing heart murmurs, irregular heartbeats, palpitations or fainting spells are all referred to a Pediatric Cardiologist. It is now in the hands of the Pediatric Cardiologist to conduct an EKG test and an echocardiogram to see an ultrasound illustration of the heart. Sometimes, a Pediatric Cardiologist might feel the need to monitor a patient’s heart within a 24-hour period.

Hypertensions, heart damage because of infections or viruses, and irregular heart rhythms or endocarditis are all heart diseases in children that are acquired and may develop in any stage of growth and development. They need the expertise of a Pediatric Cardiologist so that tests, evaluation and recommendations for the best treatment plan can be initiated. It is also the work of the Pediatric Cardiologist to know the family medical history, past medical history of the patient and his or her lifestyle patterns. The major focus of the physician is to prevent the occurrence or the progress of any heart condition.
Medical attention is required for babies, children and adolescents who are experiencing the first signs and symptoms of a heart disease because this is a serious matter. The decisions regarding heart catheterization and heart surgery procedures can also be decided by the Pediatric Cardiologist as well as screen increased cholesterol levels.

It is the job of a Pediatric Cardiologist to direct the care and treatment plans with other physicians and nurses who will also be taking care of the child. Everybody works as a team.

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