Perhaps you are aware that editors and writers write. Writers create stories and they write on things that actually happened. They make books and they write pieces for journals or magazines. They write for broadsheets and they also write items to be featured in television and radio. Editors inform writers what they should write on. Also, they make a decision on whether a written article or story is good or otherwise. It if it isn’t good enough, they would change some of the words to create an even better content. When a Writer starts to write, he or she collects information. The information might be gathered by merely looking or researching at the library. The Writer can also interview someone for additional information. Normally, Writers write on something and then later on change it over and over again. They keep on changing their contents until they feel comfortable and they think that they already get it correctly.

There are various types of Writers. There’s the News Writer who writes for broadsheets or news broadcasts. There is also the columnist who writes about places, things and people. Also, Editorial Writer who writes on things based on their feelings. Another is the Technical Writer who provides orders on how to employ a machine or do something. And lastly, there is the Copywriter who writes ads.

Editors also write. They as well, rewrite, review and alter the words of the writers. However, their most significant task is to plan the contents to be placed in newspapers, books or magazines. They will decide on what to publish based on what they think readers would love. They normally assign topics or issues to writers. They ensure that the newspaper, magazine or book comes out promptly.

Editors need individuals who will assist them in performing their jobs. These employees are called editorial assistants. They are also referred to as production assistants or copy editors. They correct mistakes in punctuations, spelling and grammar. They ensure that a magazine or book is correct and readable. Majority of Writers as well as Editors utilize computers that can facilitate them in doing their task. Most Writers and Editors work in peaceful offices while some prefer to work in noisy places. Some of them need to travel while others simply need to converse with people over the phone or just go to the library.

These people normally work 35 up to 40 hours each week. Some prefer to work at night while others on weekends. They usually work overtime in order to meet deadlines or to obtain the newest stories.

An Editor or Writer should have a college degree. In order to obtain a job, the ideal subjects to study are journalism, English, communications and Technical Report Writing. If you think you write so well, you might be able to choose technical skills on the job.

If you desire to be an Editor or Writer, you should have the ability to write correctly. Also, writing must be your passion. You must be curious and creative about your surrounding. An excellent Writer has much knowledge and does not easily give up.

The lowest paid Writer in the United States can earn not more than $25,430 while the highest is above $97,700 per year. The lowest paid Editor can earn not more than $27,340 and the highest is about $87,400 each year.

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