Corporate Detective

Real life private detectives are not like those we see from TV shows and the movies. Storylines of TV shows and movies are a bit exaggerated so as to imbibe viewer interests. Real life detectives however do not solve criminal cases and would refer to police authorities whatever information they may know that may lead to solving of a case. Private detectives usually are asked to do tracking and surveillance tasks and a bit of picture taking. Surveillance, before, means that the detective would follow someone for a period of time and then report to his client a detailed account of where the subject went for let’s say the last three days and that’s it. However in this age and time, the definition of surveillance has somewhat evolved. Now, surveillance would also include the use of covert electronic gadgets such as cameras and listening devices. Presently, there are independent private detectives who specialize only in electronic surveillance. These specialized private detectives are experts on installing and operating these special gizmos. Also included in their repertoire of skills is computer hacking to look for evidences hidden inside computer workstations. Because these special private detectives usually have private corporations as usual clients, thus they became to be known as Corporate Investigators.

Most corporations already have a security department but usual concerns of security are vandalism and peace and order in the buildings. Sometimes, big companies suspect an employee of being involved in fraudulent activities resulting to losses for the said company and these types of crimes usually need to be dealt in a discreet manner so professional detectives are called in. Also, labor laws protect employees from baseless termination so finding evidence of malevolence towards the company would ensure that the company is adhering to labor laws. Sometimes companies would like to be sure that the one they are hiring or promoting to an important corporate post doesn’t have a stink of any kind and wants to have their backgrounds checked just before signing them. Some bosses would just like to know how their staff behaves in their absence. These types of assignments are where the cameras and bugging devices are conspicuously set up. Perhaps, the most common reason why companies call third party Corporate Detectives is to erase suspicion of whitewashing an investigation when something malevolent happens like there is missing money or a valuable thing, company operations got disrupted on a large scale or there is someone causing sabotage to the company.

Becoming a Corporate Detective is a bit trickier than ordinary private detectives. Corporate Detectives usually come in teams to cover more grounds specially when doing surveillance jobs. Usually, one team member is in charge of the equipments, the other one is the computer expert and if there’s a third one that usually would be an auditor or a former auditor who can leaf through financial reports with ease in case fraud or embezzlement are the cases in question. Enrolling in private detective courses would be the first step but to become a specialized private detective like a Corporate Investigator, years of experience usually is the best teacher.

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