Multimedia Designer

Multimedia Designers are usually expert or knowledgeable in operating images and demonstrating data in the form of video, soundtracks, text, animation, still images, physical objects, digital data, and audio.
The interactive Multimedia Designer works on web design, interactive CDs or DVDs and kiosks, while the non interactive Multimedia Designer works on non interactive production for instance the Internet and television.

Multimedia Designers typical responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

• Form the ideas, designs and try out or sample layout derived from the layout principles and artistic design concepts.

• Make sketches, drawings or plans and scale models that will be evaluated by the production manager or director.

• Design and develop marketing and promotion matters as per requirements. They may also design the props, costumes and set.

• Notify the technical production such as sound and lighting to check the production sets.

• Utilize and comprehend computer software application to create artwork such as visual images, illustrations and others.

• Discuss and recommend with regards to the development or enhancement of artwork. If needed, they also make animated graphics.

• Follow up and organize with external marketing agencies on the progress of promotional resources.

• Responsible in editing, recording and carrying out audio into applications.

• They operate hardware connected with multimedia development like video camera, digital camera, CD duplicator, etc.

The software applications that are usually used by Multimedia Designers are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier, Macromedia Director and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Professions that are available to a multimedia design degree holder are web designer, web developer, scriptwriter, or multimedia producer. There are several entry-level work opportunities with organizations, government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, advertising, and entertainment industries, which include television stations, video production houses, film studios, and live productions (concerts and theater).

Nowadays, professions in this kind of field are quickly increasing because of the advancement in technology. Multimedia design is used in games, training, entertainment, and the newest application is in cellular phone. Multimedia Designer must be highly artistic and a good conversationalist in order to convey the ideas orally. They must put into operation the animation methods and visual sensitivity, visually understandable in scripts and storyboards. The capability to work or perform as a team player is necessity for success. Several jobs demand extra time to meet the deadlines.

Salary of a Multimedia Designer in United States particularly in South Dakota, South Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, California and Hawaii ranges from $45,000 to $70,000 per year. The average salary per hour is around $29.00. It also depends on experience, training and education, job, location and size of the company.

The required education for a Multimedia Designer is Associates Degree in Art/ Graphic Design or any related field. To engage in this kind of profession, it is significant to possess a degree in multimedia design. This provides knowledge or expertise and education which are needed in a multimedia designing career. Universities and colleges offer courses and program designed for this kind of degree. Training is also important because most employers are looking for designers who are skilled and can adjust well to altering trends.

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