Clinical Social Worker

Professional Clinical Social Workers are responsible in giving mental health services for clients who were diagnosed and being treated due to mental, emotional, behavioral, and other disorders linked to individual, family, and group problems.

Their primary objective in their profession is to enhance and maintain the normal physical, physiological, and social functions of the client. So, their intense desire to improve the lives of many people suffering from mental illnesses is considered to be immeasurable. As they adhere to the values and ethics grounded with the social work profession, they are involve in ethical decision making apart from practicing skills and execution of intervention programs among individuals who need medical treatment.

The job description of Clinical Social Workers is all-embracing. From helping individuals cope with the issues that they encounter in their life, dealing with their relationships with other individuals, solving family-related problems, to assisting clients who are facing life-threatening diseases that are linked to disability, social problems, and serious domestic conflicts like physical and sexual abuse. These scenarios are too general for clinical social workers but the bottom line is: these scenarios are all the root causes of behavioral problems being faced by many clients.

Also, the mentioned duties are considered to be social services. However, some clinical social workers engage themselves in programs and organizations that promote policy and planning developments, research, and other community-related advocacies that aim to promote the normal functioning of clients which most of the time include children and women.

CSWs are often the first to diagnose a client with any mental disorders and other various emotional and behavioral complications. Then, they conduct necessary treatment procedures that will lead to the recovery and wellness of the patient or the client

Community mental health centers, schools, health centers, recovery programs, primary health care centers, aging and child welfare agencies, and other private and government-centered settings are in dire need of professionals with clinical social working background. This is because more and more individuals, families, and groups require treatment that will focus in improving their mental, emotional, and behavioral well being. Thus, to address this issue, CSWs employ a holistic approach related to psychotherapy and client’s relationship to the environment from which he or she belongs.

The requirements and qualifications to become a professional Clinical Social Worker are: a degree or master’s degree under social work education, work experience in clinical setting of least 3,000 hours, a license, trainings attended that discussed social work-related topics, and experienced relevant practices under mental health clinics, child welfare agencies, or other medical institutions.

Another aspect of the CSW’s job description is their counseling role. To help the clients set their goals straight while facing treatment means constant counseling which will help the clients articulate their goals in spite of their medical condition.

Finally, the confidentiality of all information obtained from the client should be maintained by every CSW since this act is considered to be the basic principal of social work intervention. This way, the client’s welfare will continue to be safeguarded.

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