Human Rights Advocate

A course in liberal arts paves the way to a career of a Human Rights Advocate. There are many organizations around the world seeking for professionals who can dedicate their skills, education, and time to providing humanitarian relief, international development, economic sustainability, and assurance that human rights advocacies are executed firmly and righteously.

The diverse opportunities available to every Human Rights Advocate are countless. Every job opportunity tackles specific human right issues that need to be addressed the soonest time. Governmental agencies and bodies around the world use their status in promoting solutions and answers to human rights issues that include the rights of minority people, the rights of the child, the rights of women usually involved in trafficking, migrant workers rights, human rights and the environment, the rights to housing, the right to affirmative actions, the right to food, the juvenile criminal sentencing, racism, and other human rights that aim to solve every human rights issue.

Professionals who have degree in Women’s Studies, Human Rights Advocacy, International Development, and NGO’s are the ideal candidate for every human rights advocate position. The burning passion and intense hope that many human rights advocate have for those suffering from pain, injustices, persecutions, and unlawful abuse of their rights serve as their strengths in acquiring such kind of job.

Human Rights Advocates are educated so they can develop and enhance their skills and abilities in giving cross-cultural services, professional skills, and effectives services to their own people or to the people they are serving. They are particularly keen toward oppressors’ use of coercion and power to dominate the life of a victim. Hence, the victim’s environment and decision making skills become tainted due to misuse of the oppressor’s power.

The role of many Human Rights Advocates is grounded in proper access to power as they represent those who are vulnerable and are unable to defend themselves. They, as human rights advocates, have the power to intervene since their authority aims to overcome that of the perpetrator’s so that proper exercise of power will be done.

As Human Rights Advocates, their expertise and influence in affecting social, political, and economical conditions depend on the broad perspectives of executing laws and regulations being implemented in the society from which she belongs.

When it comes to women and gender rights, every Human Right Advocate should have a global perspective which is to protect the dignity and integrity of all human beings which also means promoting equal rights. Therefore, they focus their duties in conducting activities and social gatherings that will eliminate all forms of discriminations that distinctively target women. More so, they create instruments that will support the continued existence of laws that will protect women’s rights belonging in the public and private spheres.

The existence and numerous numbers of human rights violations can be traced back to history. But the efforts that come from respected activists, thinkers, and leaders served as eye opener to eventually manifest the proper execution of human rights, the untarnished human rights that all human beings deserve to enjoy and live by.

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