School Psychologist

Many of those who have obtained a degree in Applied Psychology work as School Psychologists. This career involves working with the teachers and other educators to develop strategies and better approaches for teaching according to what would best work for the children. The child psychologists work to give personality tests to determine the learning style and level of the students. They suggest improvements of classroom management and help parents with their parenting techniques. They also evaluate students with disabilities and those gifted with special talents to help create the best approach for their learning.

School psychologists are mostly concerned about students behaviors, most of them work as Guidance Counselors that help the school authorities when children are unruly or act indifferently to their peers. They help discover the nature of the problem causing the students to behave in such a manner, like family problems, peer pressure and low self- esteem. School Psychologists also help plan school activities that would best suit the learning and interest of the pupils. They help determine the social activities of the school, suggesting those that would encourage students to have confidence and character while still young. Part of their job is also to evaluate the effectiveness of the schools programs like academic programs, behavior management programs and other programs also related to the student’s environment.

School Psychologists are very well- trained in psychology and education. They are required to complete a graduate Specialist-level degree that is comprised of an internship program focused on evidence and data-based decision making, consultation, effective programs and instructions, child development, school management, behavioral study and observation, effective planning and collaboration, intervention, research, discovery of different learning styles and evaluation of pupils and educators as well. Generally, school psychologists must be licensed in the state or area where they work, or depending on the rules and regulations of the country they are working in. Experience is also a factor to obtain a license, as some areas and countries would like those with a background on the work of a School Psychologist.

School Psychologists should be well coordinated with parents and teachers most especially in handling cases of students who are evidently disturbed and different from the others. Some students have inner problems which would result in drug addiction, violence, psychological problems and other disturbing conditions that are devastating is left unattended. Several issues in school are handled by the School Psychologist, which is why there is a need for them to be able to work under pressure. They review cases concerning different individuals with personalities and they should be able to determine different behavioral patterns. After an assessment, they should also be able to generate an effective approach or treatment to the student. School Psychologists are usually well compensated, most especially in private elementary and secondary schools.

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