English and American Literature Trainer

If you are competent and fluent in speaking American English you have an edge over the rest of those who can’t. Being and English and American Literature Trainer means that you are equipped with an invaluable kind of English education that includes knowledge in American culture and literature. You, as an English and American Literature Trainer, should be educated in various disciplines that deal with linguistics, second language teaching, research techniques, rhetoric and composition, and other fields of teaching and learning strategies.

To gain a greater advantage over other English-proficient speakers who aspire to land an English trainer position, it is also a must that you have knowledge in American literature since this is a guarantee of a high standard qualification.

There are various fields in the industry such as the industry of telecommunications, marketing and advertising, education, and publishing that seek for outstanding professionals who have impressive credentials in using the English language, teaching the English language, and providing trainings using the English language.

The industry of call centers in many countries outside the United States is undergoing an intense growth. Thus, the demand for English and American literature trainer is no longer confine in the academe but in the corporate world as well.

Nowadays, the widespread search of companies hunting for English Trainers has extended to non-native speakers of the English language. As long as a an aspirant possesses the qualifications of a very good and effective trainer, equipped with exceptional work experiences and English proficiency background, he or she has the best shot in acquiring a position related to English teaching or other English-related positions.

An English and American Literature Trainer should have certifications granted by recognized teaching institutions namely TEFL and TESOL, too, since a firm grasp of the English language will not suffice most of the time. As for the core values that an English Trainer should learn to live, such include: continuous learning process, excellence in providing services to students and other clients, corporate social awareness and responsibility, and complete understanding of identity in an American literature sense.

As a trainer of American English and American literature, you are expected to master the art of providing classroom learning experiences since you are tasked to conduct trainings, seminars, teaching presentations, and other instructional events with a common objective: impart the American English language, along with its literature the most effective means. With this note, it should be emphasized that you should have verifiable experiences in teaching ESL and relevant background in second-language acquisition since most of the participants involve in learning American language and literature are non-native speakers.

More so, as an English and American Literature trainer, you should be able to develop your students’ English fluency with American accent. This would be possible if you are going to immerse your students with diverse English materials and resources deemed to be effective in giving effective learning procedures.

Finally, your functions and responsibilities as a trainer will be adequate if you will provide your students and every participant of your training with a comprehensive knowledge of American literature and culture that pertains to literary works produced within the area of the United States.

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