Recreational Counselor

With your knowledge regarding the wide branches of kinesiology, you will be able to find a good job in no time. One of them is being a Recreational Counselor. There is great competition when it comes to applying for this job but if you are comfortable with the idea of working around ill persons along with your great education, you will be hired immediately.

A Recreational Counselor is also known as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. You should be able to provide some treatment services as well as recreational activities for those who are suffering from illnesses or disabilities. You can utilize the techniques that you have learned from kinesiology such as sports, games, crafts, dance, music and a lot of movements. As a counselor, you should be able to maintain a good relationship between your clients and yourself as well as a physical and mental well-being for them. This is because you should be able to reduce their stress levels, depression and anxiety. Additionally, you should give them the chance to boost up their own confidence so that they can socialize with other people effectively.

A Recreational Counselor can work in health care clinics, hospitals and centers for rehabilitation. They are responsible for treating and helping the patients recover from their physical disorders. Most of the time, they work with psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational and physical therapists. They are different from the recreation workers who organize various types of activities for the sole purpose of enjoyment. They provide such activities for patients so that they can be healthier and more prepared so that their condition will improve for the better. It is their goal to maintain the general health of their clients so that they will no longer suffer from further medical illnesses and permanent complications in the future.

You will have to keep track of your patient’s development using the information that you have obtained based on your observations, assessments, medical records as well as those from the other members of the staff, the family and the clients themselves. Your therapeutic interventions should be consistent with the needs and the concerns of your patients. You should be able to persuade your clients even those who have been isolated from other people to play with the others so that they will be able to alleviate their stress.

A Recreational Counselor can either be a private or community based counselor. The latter refers to someone who is able to work in parks and other departments or programs in schools. You should influence your patient into developing some specific skills so that they will be able to put aside their worries and soon enough, their health problems will be gone from them. Generally, you will be working forty hours every week and there are times when you will have to work during weekends, holidays and even on evenings. Be prepared to face clients who get irritated at once so make sure that you are indeed forbearing and tough for the job.

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