Dance Teacher-Instructor

Many people say that knowledge, or in this case, skills should be shared with other people. Dance instructors usually start out as dancers first and then hone their skills by undergoing rigorous training, competing in dance contests and so on. But sometimes, dancing can prove to be a very difficult career and even though many dancers want to keep on performing on stage for as long as they can, it is inevitable that they must move on to another career path when they reach a certain age or stage in life. Although there are actually people out there who train just so they can gain the right to be teachers in their own right. A dance instructor could also start out as a choreographer and somewhere along the lines decided to focus more on the teaching aspect. Dance instructors could also be an equal mix of both dancer and choreographer.

A dance instructor requires skills that are more people-oriented rather than just focusing on their technical abilities. In order to be an effective teacher, one must be willing to teach students from all walks of life and more importantly, is really interested in teaching dance to other people. The skills required of an instructor are different from that of a dancer or choreographer. A dancer focuses on improving himself/herself and at the same time knowing how to be able to work in groups while a choreographer focuses more on the creative aspect – making up dance moves and combining steps. A dance teacher on the other hand should have a combination of all those skills. They should be creative, people-oriented and most importantly, can teach other people effectively the skills that they’ve acquired.

A dance instructor has more career choices than that of a dancer and they have more freedom when it comes to choosing what they want to focus on. They can choose to prioritize a specific dance style like contemporary dance or ballet. They can establish their own dance studio or work for private schools or organizations. Most dance teachers who work for private institutions usually studied the specific dance style and had enough experience utilizing that particular style. A teaching post is usually best acquired when one has acquired a lot of experiences already. Usually, ten years of experience is a good number.

Dance instructors can be self-taught or schooled. But when it comes to institutions or schools looking for dance teachers, they choose those who have not only acquired enough experience but has a graduate degree as well.

The salary of a dance instructor depends on their employer (or lack thereof – which could mean that they’re doing freelance teaching) and how long have they’ve been in the business. A dance instructor’s salary is usually higher than that of a dancer simply because of the fact that they’ve been in the business longer and they’ve already established a name for themselves. A dance instructor’s life is less hard than that of a dancer’s because they have more control of their time and so on.

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