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The widespread use of the English language and its reputation as the current lingua franca of the international business, technology, aviation, science, and other fields of study have made the language an indispensable part of learning and in acquiring a degree. If you are a student or have a degree in English Language and Literature you can expand your focus or your career path since you are provided with a number of concentrations like:

  • Creative Writing

  • American Literature

  • British Literature

  • Children’s Literature

  • Education/ Pedagogy in English

  • Rhetoric

  • Composition

  • Linguistics and Language studies

However, pursuing the path of an English Teacher is an excellent choice since English Teachers get high demands, high pay abroad, and high level of experience and expertise. English Teachers who are also recognized as Language Arts Teachers has one main duty to fulfil: to instruct every student they have in class the English language and literature.

English Teachers get employed by schools, universities, learning centres, and government or private agencies. However, most of the time English teachers are employed for a teaching position in grade level, middle school level, or high school level. This is the reason why English teachers are expected to have acquired a certain degree of specialization or concentration in handling different levels of students.

Reading comprehension, speaking, listening, and writing skills are skills honed by English teachers. And to make sure that the learning process of the students has continuity, English teachers should prepare lessons prior the classes, instruct the students the way they should get instructed, and then later on evaluate the students about their skills when it comes to learning the English language. Though this may sound trivial, English Teachers are expected to discipline students as well.

To be able to pursue the career of an English Teacher, you have to acquire a degree and a license to teach English first. English concentration programs and degrees, training programs, and English education are the fundamental requirements when applying for a teaching position. If you have completed programs which are heavily focused on linguistics and comparative literature, you also gain an edge over other applicants applying for a same position. It would also be helpful if you get your certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language first if you are planning to teach English in foreign countries.

Knowledge and expertise in numerous English teaching methodologies will also launch your career path into a new height. However, if you want to teach English in higher education, a Masters degree is required and this same goes true in community colleges.

Pre-service is another relevant credential that you can present in applying for an English teaching position. This is to measure your capabilities and whether you have a strong emphasis on teaching practices that a particular school employs. And finally, it would be best if you have internationally-granted certifications like International Diploma in Language Teaching Management which will prepare you in teaching English language to professionals and students of management principles and practices.

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