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Hebron University was created in the year 1971 as an educational institution providing higher education with a premier faculty of Sharia. The school located in the city of Hebron, provides education with the aim of praising the name of Allah and producing top quality graduates to serve God and their various respective communities. Colleges/faculties owned by the University include Sharia, Arts, Science & Technology, Agriculture, Finance and Management, Nursing, Pharmacy and Education. Graduate studies are provided in the fields just mentioned, with the university awarding several bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Hebron University proudly presents a very large and fully equipped school library and a school museum, too. With close to 5,000 students studying in the university, they claim to offer education at an optimum class.

Study Programs:

  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Theatre
    • Performing Arts
  • Business
    • Business Administration
    • Accounting
    • Finance
  • Communications
    • Communications
    • Journalism
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Education
    • Education
  • Health
    • Nursing
  • Humanities
    • History
    • Theology
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • English Language and Literature (in Universities)
    • Modern Languages
    • French Language and Literature (in Universities)
  • Public Administration and Services
    • Public Administration/Management
  • Sciences
    • Botany
    • Agriculture
    • Sociology
    • Chemistry
    • Geography
    • Political Science
    • Biology
    • Forestry

Type of studies: University Degree Programs, Graduate, Professional Programs, Distance, Online Learning
Language of instruction: Not available
Type of school: Public University

Location: Public Relations Department, PO Box 40, Hebron, Palestine
Telephone and Fax: Tel.: + (970) 2-222 0995 Ext (219), Fax.: + (970) 2-222 9303

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