Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Kenya

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About Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Kenya

Like many African countries, Kenya encourages the various career and vocational programs to reduce the number of unemployed youths. Upon completion of 12 years of primary and secondary schooling, students have various options for higher education in Kenya. Those who want to get into the job market quickly prefer vocational programs.  The career colleges and vocational schools in Kenya offer several courses in various disciplines for students looking to enter the labor market directly. The Commission for Higher Education supervises and controls the vocational programs in Kenya.
Vocational education in Kenya falls into two categories
  • Diploma vocational education programs – undergraduate diploma
  • Post graduate diploma- (after completing a bachelor’s degree, the students can take this course instead of master’s).
Technical and vocational training in Kenya are offered by technical training institutions, Youth polytechnics and vocational schools. The enrolment in career colleges and vocational schools has been on the raise in Kenya since 2007. In Kenya, the demand for skilled labors is high, but the supply is low. The technical and vocational training options in Kenya can help students get exposed to job-oriented training with scientific application at an early age; thereby helping fulfill this gap.  In addition, job oriented training, can also provide a wide range of employment opportunities to youth.

Diploma Vocational Education Programs

In order to gain admission into a career and vocational training program offered by the national polytechnics, teacher training colleges, government training institutes and private vocational schools in Kenya, the candidates need to have successfully completed the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education. Diploma courses are offered in various fields, including Business education, computer studies, accounting, nursing, journalism, tourism, foreign languages, design, media, technical skills and teacher training.

English is the medium of instruction in most of the vocational schools and career colleges in Kenya. Such diploma courses typically last for two to three years. Teacher training colleges offer two year programs for liberal arts teachers and three year programs for science teachers. Many universities in Kenya offer continued education teacher training programs, so a secondary school graduate can get a job as an untrained teacher and pursue training for certification.

Many public and private colleges and universities in Kenya also offer diploma courses in various disciplines, from architecture to video production.

Post Graduate Diploma

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree successfully, with at least lower second class honors, or have equivalent education qualification, can seek admission for a post graduate diploma course. Some universities may require students to have some working experience in the respective field of study. Post graduate diploma in Kenya takes one to three years to complete. Many public and private universities offer these courses.

Guidance and counseling – education, mass communication and journalism, human resource management, control and management of HIV/AIDS, Computer Science, Project planning and management-education, public relations, tourism management, educational management clinical psychology, psychiatric social work, and actuarial science, are some of the popular post graduate diploma courses offered by universities in Kenya.

The career colleges and vocational schools in Kenya that offer a wide range of programs in technical and vocational fields, significantly help meet the nation’s manpower requirements in business, industry, agriculture and technical fields.

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