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Spanish Dale!

Granada, Nicaragua
Want to learn Spanish fast? Learn Spanish with one-to-one tuition at Spanish Dale! Spanish School in the center of Granada, Nicaragua. Our native teachers offer a wide variety of Spanish courses and cultural activities for students of all levels and ages from all over the world.
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Spanish School Nicaragua

Esteli, Nicaragua
Learn Spanish one on one in Esteli, Nicaragua. Our courses are tailored to your level and needs. Study Spanish as a second language with a native and qualified Spanish teacher. Also we offer you Spanish lesson via Skype. Spanish school Nicaragua offer cultural and social activities after school.

Language Immersion Courses in Nicaragua by City:

EsteliGranadaLa ConcepciónLeon

About Language Immersion Courses in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has as many as ten languages, of which, seven are living languages and three have no known speakers. The primary and official language of Nicaragua is Spanish. However, many Nicaraguans on the Caribbean coast speak indigenous languages and English. The communities living on the Caribbean coast also have access to education in their native languages. Spanish or Nicañol is spoken by 90 percent of Nicaragua’s population. So learning Spanish can definitely help you communicate with Nicaraguans, as well as, other Latin Americans. Those who plan to visit Nicaragua for study or business would benefit greatly from having some knowledge of Spanish. Spanish is spoken many dialects throughout Latin America, and Central American Spanish is the dialect spoken in Nicaragua. The Voseo form of Spanish is common in Nicaragua, as well as, other countries in Central and South America such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Costa Rica.  
Learning Spanish:

There are several reasons for taking up Spanish. It is a popular second or third language among those looking to learn one; it is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world (after English, Chinese and Hindustani) with over 400 million speakers. According to experts, it has more native speakers than English does. It is the official language in four continents and is of historical importance elsewhere. Another reason why Spanish is so popular is that it is very easy to learn. A lot of words are similar to English, and written Spanish is almost completely phonetic. So it is relatively easy to pronounce Spanish words. It has a rich cultural backing, and one can find Spanish influences in every sphere of life- be it music, philosophy or literature. So for the world traveler, learning Spanish is almost a necessity.
Learning Spanish in Nicaragua:

When you go to Nicaragua, you will find numerous language courses on offer. The best part about them is that they go easy on the pocket. So while, you can relax in a colonial town and learn Spanish, you can also visit smaller cities and learn the language there. The Spanish that is taught in Nicaragua is understood all over the world, but the dialect is distinct; it is rapid and fluid and leaves off the ends of words at times. So, while choosing a school, remember that up-country campesino Spanish (with its own rhythm) is less intelligible to other Latin Americans than urban Spanish.

There are many language immersion schools in Nicaragua, and most of them offer classes throughout the year. For a small fee of about $150-$300 a week, Nicaraguan full-immersion schools offer around 20 hours of instruction, room and board with a family, meals, and field trips. Schools in the northern region of Nicaragua are cheaper. These courses offer 2–4 hours of classes in the morning and community service activities or field trips in the afternoons. These language trips are usually two- to four-weeks long, with discounts (nearly 10 per cent) generally offered for longer stays.

So learning Spanish in Nicaragua has a lot of benefits. For one, Spanish is a great language, and Nicaragua is a beautiful country.

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