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Founded in 1992, Languages PLUS Taalreizen, or PLUS Language Travel, is a Dutch company that has organized language education travel excursions for the last 20+ years. PLUS Language Travel is one of the most experienced language travel organizations in the Netherlands. Their offices are centrally located in the center of the city of Utrecht, and all of their courses are supervised by a minimum of four full-time employees and a trainee. PLUS Language Travel regularly visits international language schools around the globe, and the staff provides a great deal of personal service to go along... See full description.
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About Language Immersion Courses in Netherlands

If it all sounds like Dutch, when in the Netherlands, then learning Dutch is a good idea.  Learning Dutch is easiest when it is done in its natural habitat, interacting with the locals and experiencing the intricacies of communication. Learning Dutch in the Netherlands can be undertaken at various Dutch language schools and courses that are offered in the country.

Language immersion method is also an excellent way of learning Dutch, especially for students. This method involves learning Dutch as a second language as the medium of instruction, while learning another course. Language immersion involves surrounding and immersing the students into the Dutch language.

Learning Dutch in Netherlands

According to the new requirements for Dutch immigrants, anyone who wishes to live in the Netherlands is required to know Dutch. Learning Dutch is an essential step for integration in the Netherlands, and now also a part of the immigration (inburgering) process. Although fellow Europeans are not required to pass such a language efficiency test, as others need to, they too can learn Dutch voluntarily.

Joining a class is the best way to learn Dutch in Netherlands. It provides ample support, and since the class composition is predominantly international, one often has company while trying to master the somewhat difficult language.

There is a wide range of options for learning Dutch in the Netherlands. There are various commercial Dutch courses that suit any requirement or budget. Dutch courses range from ‘Dutch for Au Pairs’ to the intensive NT-2 (Nederlands als Tweede Taal or Dutch as a second language) courses.

When choosing a class to join, it is advisable to enquire about the class size and fee. Smaller class sizes are usually better for learning Dutch, but they often demand a higher fee. Universities in the Netherlands also offer beginner-level Dutch classes for non-students. However, they do require slightly more time and academic ability, and they tend to progress faster. Homework is usually an essential requirement for learning Dutch faster.

There are certain institutions that focus business or professional users, and they often provide cross-cultural Dutch classes. Some organizations also fund Dutch lessons as part of a relocation package. Such a package, if you’re lucky, can also include your partner.
Additional Tips for learning Dutch in Netherlands
  • Watch movies and DVDs with Dutch subtitles
  • Read the Dutch signs and billboards on the street, try to figure out what they are trying to say
  • Start with reading newspaper headlines in Dutch and understand what they mean
  • Progress to longer articles, pay attention to verbs and tenses being used
  • Listen avidly to news, radio programs; compare it to the same news in your first language and try to grasp the meaning
  • Try picking up new words every day. Writing new words on post-its and placing them around your work area usually helps in integrating them in your vocabulary faster
  • Practice your Dutch with locals at any opportunity you can. Use Dutch for ordering food at restaurants, making an enquiry from a shop keeper or even when asking for directions

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