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About Language Immersion Courses in Singapore

The island republic of Singapore had been a British colony before it gained independence in the year 1965. As a result, English is considered one of the four national and official languages of Singapore. A majority of people in the islands that constitute Singapore speak fluent English. English is a common everyday  language here. However, the country also has three other official languages- namely Chinese, Malay and Tamil. This aptly shows the cultural diversity that Singapore has on offer for foreigners. Singapore is a conglomeration of unique and divergent cultures that are strewn together by the deep bonds of tradition and history. So for international students to become a part of this cultural admixture, a thorough knowledge of some of the languages is helpful.
To begin with it is essential to know English in Singapore, as over 33 percent of the total population can use the language sufficiently well. Although English might be the obvious choice to start one’s language immersion course in Singapore, one can never ignore Chinese! Statistically, nearly 50 percent of Singapore’s population knows the Chinese language. Infact, Chinese is used more commonly than English for daily transactions. So language schools offering Chinese studies in Singapore successfully cater to thousands of students every year. For a deeper understanding of the Singaporean way of life, a holistic knowledge of both Chinese and English is necessary for foreigners, especially the students.
Learning Malay and Tamil might also be helpful if one has to truly appreciate a culture that has a lot to offer for the keen observer! But since Malay and Tamil is used by 12 and three percent of the population respectively, finding Malay and Tamil studies might be tougher than finding English courses.
The government of Singapore had been spearheading initiatives to propagate language immersion courses in the country. Infact, the ministry of education, or MOE has its own holistic language courses for foreign pupils. Students interested to immigrate to Singapore might directly write or email to the ministry of education to enroll in these classes. Since they are sponsored and managed by the government, they are definitely authentic and value for money. During the time of enrolment into these Chinese language classes or English studies, one has to submit few personal details. For instance, the ministry of education might ask you for proof of education, proof of the detailed address in your country of origin, tentative addresses in Singapore and valid references to support your claims. These are basic immigration norms prior to shifting your base to Singapore. Add to this the necessity of learning Chinese or English, and most of your immigration formalities would be complete.
Learning the local language is of utmost importance if you desire to become a part of the changed cultural scenario. Also for everyday survival, learning Chinese is essential for international students. Since English is already a global language, most immigrants might not feel the urge to learn English from the scratch. But it is always helpful to brush up one’s English skills. But a detailed and thorough learning of Chinese through the myriad language and immersion courses in Singapore can help an immigrant in the long run.

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