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Kiev, Ukraine
ECHO Eastern Europe Language School. Russian language and Ukrainian language courses. Immersion programs. Individual and group classes. TORFL exam. Individual approach. Flexible pricing. Downtown location. Our School is located in Mothercity of Slavic cities -Kyiv - one of the oldest and most beautiful European cities. Learn to speak Russian language or Ukrainian language with ECHO Eastern Europe in native host families. Whilst getting to know an old Slavic culture, you will be given the opportunity to study Russian language or Ukrainian language through tailor-made study programs.... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Ukraine

Learning Ukrainian in Ukraine might be a challenge for most international students coming into the country. Some of the best language schools in the country follow a multiple study pattern to cater to the maximum number of students and young professionals. For instance, there are short term summer programs for casual tourists or students. On the other hand, there are advanced academic programs that are meant for serious researchers and people trying to shift base to Ukraine permanently. Also, there are special language programs for one-to-one or personal lessons that specifically target those aspirants who have less time to learn the language (and culture) of Ukraine but can afford personal tutors to fast track the process of learning.
There is no prerequisite as far as language is concerned, for international students to enroll themselves in these Ukrainian courses. English is often used as a medium of exchange, and international students find is easy to complete their courses, because English is a language most understand. Besides the Ukrainian language and history, some of the topics that are covered in these language immersion courses include business management, international relations, cultural courses, macro economics, literature, political science and others. So, a student visiting Ukraine for an international cultural exchange program will find everything covered in these languages courses. He or she can choose topics that suit them best, or those that will help them imbibe the culture of this new country fully. For instance, a holistic approach to Ukrainian language and literature provides the outsider with a thorough knowledge of its written art form, which spans over centuries. A good grip on the language also helps in understanding and appreciating the literary gems from the country. Translations are not always accurate, and true language scholars always prefer to read the original text in its language of origin. Therefore, for many it is a good idea to study Ukrainian in Ukraine to understand the cultural uniqueness of the country, as well as its literary richness.
In Ukraine, some of the best educational institutes are located in the city of Kharkiv. Some claim that it is the scientific and cultural heart of Ukraine. Some of the most prestigious universities in Western Europe are found in and around this old city. Thousands of exchange students flock these campuses throughout the year. Hence there are lots of Ukrainian language courses on offer in this city to supplement the main academic degrees. For most international students, it is essential to know Ukrainian comprehensively, if they plan to settle here for a long time. In addition, foreigners would find everyday dealings in Ukraine much easier, if they have some basic understanding of Ukrainian. Speaking basic Ukrainian in Ukraine can help in various situations, from buying groceries to reading the railway timetables.
In addition, some of the best language schools in Ukraine provide scholarship opportunities for meritorious students. They also give them the best tutorials and research support by providing access to some of the best libraries in the city. The focus of these Ukrainian immersion courses is not always on the language, although it plays a vital part. The core idea is to make foreigners understand and appreciate the cultural diversity of Ukraine.

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