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Arabic is the official language of Yemen. It is spoken in different dialects and various regions of the country. Although foreign languages like English and French are taught in private schools, Arabic is the primary language of communication. Unlike other Arab countries like UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt, the number of English speakers is relatively low in Yemen.  A significant number of Russian speakers and a lower number of Vietnamese and Chinese speaking people also reside in Yemen.

Why Learn Arabic

Learning Arabic can give ample benefits. Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Apart from native speakers in Arab countries, many people understand Arabic, since it is the language of the Quran. With the Arab countries gaining an increase in the current global politics, those who study Arabic can benefit from increased career opportunities in various fields, like business, education, journalism, international relations, and banking. Those who want to engage in the rich heritage of Arabic countries would also benefit tremendously by learning the Arabic language. Yemen. Along with other Arab countries, Yemen has its own unique culture of music, art, literature and customs. Learning Arabic can help students and professionals to experience these fully, and read some outstanding works in poetry and literature in the original text. Arab countries, including Yemen offer an enormous export market for goods and services. Business people who want to expand their business in Yemen can get lots of benefits by learning Arabic.

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Yemen is a country with a rich culture, immense natural beauty and renowned hospitality. It is one of the oldest civilization centers on the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the most affordable, and convenient places to learn Arabic, owing to the friendliness of the locals. Arabic language schools in Yemen offer a wide range of courses to study Arabic, which range from beginners to advanced level courses. Students can choose from a broad range of Arabic studies on offer, such as Classical Arabic, Modern standard Arabic, Arabic poetry, Yemeni dialect and Arabic media. Moreover, language schools in Yemen also tailor the curriculum to suit individual needs of professionals like doctors, teachers and nurses. They teach all Arabic skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Those who study Arabic in Yemen get an opportunity to experience one of the least known, but most captivating countries in the Middle East. Yemen boasts of excellent wildlife, flora and fauna. Studying Arabic in Yemen offers plenty of opportunities to interact with the locals and practice the language with the help of friendly Yemen people.

Arabic Courses and Classes

Those who wish to study the Quran in the beautiful Arabic language or want to access Islamic studies can get innumerable benefits by learning Arabic. Language schools in Yemen offer an extensive range of Arabic courses. Students can learn Arabic in a traditional classroom for a few weeks, while learning it from the convenience of one’s home is also possible via online Arabic programs. Intensive courses provided by language schools in Yemen help learners acquire basic conversational and reading skills.

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