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About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Portugal

High standards of Portuguese education system
Education is serious business in Portugal, with the literacy rate as high as 99 percent, and student enrolment at full 100 percent. The higher education rate at 35 percent is also high as compared to most countries. These figures are a clear indication that the government initiatives in strengthening the educational sector have yielded rich dividends over the years. Despite the weakening of the economy (like most European countries) in the last couple of years, the government has made sure that its track record in education does not deteriorate. This is perhaps the only way to ensure that students and families can sustain themselves in the changing global scenario and high competition. The country also attracts a lot of foreign students into its system, who often stay back and contribute profusely to the development of the country. The government of Portugal has in place a credible and high quality international student assessment system in place to choose, help and guide students enrolling at different colleges and universities in Portugal. The Portuguese government has also taken measures to open up the education system to allow private players to participate, especially in the secondary education sector. These include a myriad of online degrees and e-learning classes.
The Portuguese government has also taken some concrete steps over the last decade or so to co-operate and form bilateral agreements with some of the top American or British universities and educational institutes for providing course structure and curriculum for these online courses. Some of them provide education in multiple disciplines- including regular subjects and online diplomas.  So for interested students there are plenty of options to choose from.
Higher education in Portugal can be availed through the numerous public and private universities, polytechnics and other smaller institutions. However spaces at the public universities are limited and the admission can be quite competitive. For this reason, and slightly expensive course fee; online education programs have emerged as an excellent option for many wishing to pursue higher education in Portugal.
Benefits of Online Education and Distance Learning Courses
Distance education is no longer a subsidiary of general classroom education. Online courses have now become independent and provide ample opportunities for a student to educate himself – academically and professionally.
Most big cities in Portugal, including Lisbon have colleges and universities for students of all nationalities and languages. But this might not be true for remote areas or towns that cannot provide quality classroom education. In such a scenario, a student has to either travel or stay at a different city to complete his or her education or simply quit higher education. But with the advent of online courses, these students have the option of completing their higher education from the comfort of their homes.
Another advantage of online education in Portugal is that it offers students a chance to learn and work simultaneously. So while taking the e-learning classes, students can also earn by working part time or full time. This provides the financial support that most international students in Portugal require to sustain themselves or their families.
Although the government of Portugal has been working to strengthen secondary and university education in the country, none will disagree that it is reasonably expensive to fully complete one’s education. Since the government or the educational institutes cannot (and should not) compromise on the quality of education and facilities on offer, they do charge a handsome fee from students- particularly internationals ones. But the online degrees in Portugal are much more affordable and inexpensive and most students can enroll themselves easily here.  
Moreover, the distance learning schools also offer a great opportunity for students to admit themselves in more than one course simultaneously. The conventional classroom educational institutes might not allow international or domestic pupils from pursuing more than one regular course at a time.

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