Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Zimbabwe

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Zimbabwe

Distance learning has been available for students in Zimbabwe since many years. The Zimbabwe Open University is the primary distance education university in Zimbabwe. More than 15,000 students enroll into the Open University every year. Apart from this, there are numerous private universities that offer opportunities for continuing education. These universities and distance learning schools offer online courses to help Zimbabweans obtain higher qualifications. Online degrees and courses are offered by some schools in foreign countries. Online degrees and distance education programs in Zimbabwe offer an alternative to traditional university education, for those who lack the time or financial resources. Presently, universities in Zimbabwe are actively taking steps to embrace online education in course delivery for both on campus, as well as, distance learning programs.

Distance Learning School in Zimbabwe

Distance education was initiated in Zimbabwe in 1999 to cope with the growing demand for higher education in the country. Initially established as a center for distance education at the University of Zimbabwe, the Open University is now an independent educational institution. Every year a number of students enroll into distance learning schools in Zimbabwe, to earn their bachelor’s and master’s credentials online. Zimbabwe is actively making inroads in the use of ICT (information and communications technology) as a national effort to reduce the digital divide and for using ICT tools for providing higher education to the citizens.

Students in Zimbabwe can enroll into distance learning schools in faculties like arts, science and commerce. Education, social sciences, language, agriculture, health science, accounting, human resource, and labor relations are popular degree programs and distance courses offered in Zimbabwe. The course modules are delivered through various mediums such as printed material, audio and video cassettes, email, CDs, phone and radio broadcasts. Efforts are being made to introduce tele-learning and tele-teaching methods in the distance education course delivery.  Face to face tutoring and seminars are also arranged to help students with coursework.

Online Degrees and Courses in Zimbabwe

A developing country like Zimbabwe fights various challenges in efforts to raise the educational standards. Chief among them is the lack of adequate facilities, infrastructure and qualified teachers. Many Zimbabweans are forced by their economic situation to seek out jobs early, which does not give them the luxury to attend regular university programs. Unfortunately, this also limits their career opportunities. Online degree programs and courses are offered by accredited foreign universities and private institutions in Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans who have full time employment and other commitments prefer to join these online degree programs. Online MBA programs are one of the most popular options that help that lead to career enhancement and good job opportunities.

These programs allow students in Zimbabwe to study conveniently from the comfort of their home. They can make use of the online facilities to complete the coursework. They can take examinations at any of the nearby exam centers specified by the online school.

Online courses in various fields like finance, marketing, communication skills for business studies and computer forensics are offered by some distance learning schools in foreign countries. These courses help students gain basic to advanced level skills in various disciplines.

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