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Journalism is considered in its most vibrant when it is accomplished with the use of pictures and written word. A tough image could attract attention and send a message. Furthermore, images possess an authority to go beyond words and converse across borders. With a stress in Visual Journalism, you will be equipped to document your surroundings in a distinctive approach.

Visual Journalism is the outcome of media convergence. It is known as the fusion of audio and video creation, print, photojournalism, writing and online presentations. You should be mindful not just of the creation of values for accessible media, but as well of the means that must be used for this medium. Existing print-based programs offered by schools give essential knowledge in critical analysis, graphic design aesthetics and computer operation. The course will reinforce your computer skills and widen the meaning of graphic design to incorporate presentation as well as the production in World Wide Web.

The course will educate you how to collect information with pictures and words for the new area of Visual Journalism. Also, you will be educated on how to accomplish photojournalism projects, to create images with video and still cameras, to write down cut lines and voice-overs or narratives for your cut lines, images, to make images, to employ computer software to correct your sound and image and lastly to make presentations for online and print media. In particular, you will be taught how to employ the computer applications such as Premiere, FrontPage, QuarkXPress and PhotoShop to produce web and print journalistic job.

As a student of Visual Journalism, you will improve the artistic, business and technical skills required to connect the power of pictures and be successful in this field. In the altering world of media, a visual journalist should be equipped to mix long-established techniques such as print media and still camera work, with new languages like blogging, digital visual documentaries and podcasting. As a learner for this course, you will surely undertake all of these.

In your heart, they will set you up to function as a true visual journalist. You would be dared to speak the stories within our world through a visual approach. Regardless if you do it with still or moving images, or the design of a website or publication, you would be conversing the meaning of a narrative or story. That story might capture the form of images, news article, environmental portraits, magazine profile, a PR campaign, product images for marketing materials, the design of a newsletter or brochure, a business web design, the magazine or newspaper layout or many other possible visual presentations. You will be practicing all of these in your classes, practicum and during your on-the-job-training.

Also, you will be able to select electives that would offer you broader experience in web design and publication, specialty photography, broadcast journalism, television and film production and many other areas. You will also be trained with the latest trends in mass media, laws prevailing the way to perform your expertise and ethical challenges you are possible to experience on the job.

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