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Study Psychology in South Africa:  Overview

Psychology is a noble profession, but in order to qualify for a position in this discipline you will first need to earn your academic credentials, beginning with an undergraduate degree in the field.  There are many ways in which to accomplish this, including earning part or all of your degree through a study abroad program in a country such as South Africa.  To give you an idea regarding what to expect while participating in this type of program, below we have compiled a brief overview regarding the study of psychology in South Africa, including some quick facts about the country itself, some details about the psychology programs offered there, and a short description of why studying in South Africa can offer the adventure of a lifetime.

South Africa Facts

South Africa, or in official circles, the Republic of South Africa, is a country located at the far southern end of the Africa continent.  A federal state, consisting of a national government and nine provincial governments, the country has three formal capitals, one for each branch of its federal government:  Pretoria, the administrative capital; Cape Town, the legislative capital; and Bloemfontein, the judicial capital.  The country is neighbored by Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to the north, and Mozambique and Swaziland to the east.  South Africa has a total area of 1.2 million square kilometers, making it the 25th largest country in the world from a geographic standpoint, and a population of over 51 million, ranking it 24th among the world’s most populous nations.

Psychology Studies in South Africa

Psychology is a popular course of study at universities throughout South Africa, including one of the country’s largest institutions of higher learning, the University of Cape Town.  The undergraduate courses offered at UCT (and other South African universities) are designed to prepare students for entry into both clinical and research-based postgraduate programs.  The undergraduate psychology degrees earned in South Africa are recognized internationally, and many of the country’s graduates have gone on to achieve wonderful results in their postgraduate studies at other universities around the world.
The undergraduate courses available in South Africa’s universities deal with four principal areas of expertise:  Social psychology, Developmental psychology, Clinical psychology and Cognitive and Neuropsychology.  All courses are taught by trained faculty, most being internationally published and recognized experts in their relevant areas of expertise.

Why Study Abroad in South Africa

In addition to South Africa’s excellent system of higher education and its unparalleled commitment to the promotion and implementation of study abroad programs worldwide, there are also a number of other reasons to study in the country.  South Africa’s captivating history, including the Khoisan people, Dutch and British colonialism, apartheid, and the diplomatic conversion to today’s budding democracy and the recent emergence from an outdated system of oppression, makes it a unique country in which to study abroad. As this nation continues to cope with the residue of its past, it is rapidly making headway towards the future with a sense of pride and purpose. By studying in this beautiful country, students will not only have the opportunity to share in its history, but to observe its ever-unfolding transformation, while simultaneously enjoying the rich culture, tasty food and hospitable people—people who tend to embrace foreign visitors and are always happy to share in the magnificence of their country.

Also worthy of mention is the many sites and attractions the country has to offer—places you can visit while taking a much-needed break from your psychology studies.  Some of the most popular attractions in the country can be found in the breathtaking coastal towns of Hermanus, Cape Town and Knysna, as well as in the majestic mountain landscapes of Hogsback and the Drakenberg. Visitors to these cities can pursue activities such as wine tasting in the Cape Winelands, or get up close and personal with the African wildlife at Kruger National Park.

By studying psychology in South Africa you’ll have the unique opportunity to expand your cultural horizons, make new friends, marvel at local attractions and even acquire new language skills—all of which looks great on a resume and explains why the South African study abroad experience consistently lures students from around the world.

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