Study Architecture in Bahrain

Architecture Studies in Bahrain

Manama Harbor Bahrain is a wonderful country in which to study abroad, a country that offers an abundance of academic options and degree programs, including undergraduate and graduate studies in architecture.  Officially called the Kingdom of Bahrain, this small island country, situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf, is an archipelago made up of 33 islands, the largest being Bahrain Island, measuring 34 miles (55km) long by 11 miles (18km) wide.  Saudi Arabia lies just to the west of the country, connected to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway, while Iran lies 120 miles (200km) to the north, across the Gulf.  The peninsula of Qatar is also nearby, located in the southeast across the Gulf of Bahrain.  As of the last census, Bahrain had a population of approximately 1.2 million, nearly two-thirds of which are non-nationals employed by companies in the county’s booming oil industry.  The capital and largest city in Bahrain is Manama.

Architecture Education in Bahrain

Bahrain is a very wealthy country that depends primarily on the oil industry as its main source of income.  And to compete in this extremely competitive industry the country is in constant need of educated and trained professionals skilled in fields such as architecture and civil engineering to build the structures and equipment that make this industry tick. 
Bahrain is home to just a handful of higher education institutions, most of which are very specialized, offering programs in fields such as medicine, hotel and catering, and culinary arts.  Architecture education in the country is provided by the lone national university, the University of Bahrain, or more specifically by that university’s Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture.  Currently UB offers Bachelor’s of Science degrees in both Architecture and Civil Engineering.  In the coming years they also expect to add graduate education (Masters and PhD programs) in both of these disciplines.
The programs offered at UB emphasize skills such as planning, design and construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, road networks, water supply systems and sewage systems.  Major areas of specialization include structural engineering, water resources, environmental engineering, and construction engineering.  Students will learn that architecture is the art of designing and managing the construction of a built environment, and they are taught how to address aesthetic, functional, technical and managerial considerations.  The mission of the program’s faculty is to provide quality education in the student’s chosen area of specialty, to inculcate research of the highest standards and to offer fruitful and notable community services.  Each program is supported by a network of facilities, including a library, virtual reality computer laboratories, design studios, workshops and technical laboratories. 
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture typically spans 3 ½ to 4 years in duration, assuming students pursue the degree on a full-time basis.

Why Study Abroad in Bahrain

While the excellent education that students receive while earning a degree in Bahrain is reason enough to choose this country for a study abroad experience, there are also a number of other benefits worthy of note:
  • Learn new language skills.  Students studying in Bahrain will be exposed to a number of languages, including the country’s official language, Arabic.  Due to the large number of non-nationals in the country, many languages can be heard throughout the islands, allowing students to pick up on or even master a new language during their time abroad.
  • Learn the History and Culture.  The opportunity to learn about and embrace the history culture of Bahrain—a Middle East country—is a chance that should not be missed.  Bahrain is not your typical Middle Eastern country, which is probably why some people refer to it as “Middle East Light.”  This is mainly due to its combination of infrastructure with a Persian Gulf identity.  While Islam is the main religion in the country, Bahrainis are very tolerant to other faiths, and their rules regarding women’s attire are very relaxed in comparison to the other stricter Middle Eastern powers.
  • Meet and Befriend New People.  People come from all corners of the earth to study and work in Bahrain, affording foreign students the unique opportunity to meet, network with, and forge friendships with a variety of people, thus expanding and enhancing their cultural horizons in the process.
Bahrain also offers plenty of sites and attractions to explore, delectable cuisine and plenty of hot party spots, where students can relax and unwind after a long day studying.  The island is home to several forts, including Qalat Al Bahrain, which was recently listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.  Also fun to visit is the Bahrain National Museum, a massive and beautifully designed structure that houses artifacts dating back 9000 years, back to the island’s first human inhabitants.
Activities such as bird watching (primarily on the Hawar Islands), scuba diving and horseback riding are all popular diversions on Bahrain’s shoreline.  Shoppers will find just what they’re looking for at the many shopping malls located in the capital city of Manama, including the Bahrain City Center and Seef Mall.
Finally, if you happen to visit Bahrain in the late winter/early spring, you should definitely check out the country’s annual festival titled Spring of Culture, a fun-filled event featuring internationally renowned musicians and artists performing nightly on the massive concert stage.  For its efforts in promoting the region’s culture, Bahrain was recently named the Arab Capital of Culture in 2012 and the Capital of Arab Tourism for 2013 by the Arab League.

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