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Mauritius follows the British Model of Education. This is understandable since Mauritius is a former British colony. After Mauritius gained independence in 1968, education was a chief concern for the country’s government. Education is free in Mauritius until the secondary level since 1976, and post secondary education has also been subsidized since 1988. Government funding provides a huge support for higher education in Mauritius.

The tertiary, or the higher education system in Mauritius has witnessed significant changes since 1968, when the country possessed only one university or institute for higher education. At present the sector covers more than 61 organizations, public, private and regional institutions and college in Mauritius, which provide higher education to students. All together they offer a wide range of options for programs and courses to the upcoming generation of Mauritius. The country also has numerous overseas educational organizations that provide university education in the country. They offer and deliver tertiary level programs that are mostly in disciplines such as information technology, Polytechnic, Finance, Accountancy, Law, Management etc. Hence, the higher education in Mauritius can be divided into three sectors in terms of their funding sources:
  • Public sector universities, colleges and institutes
  • Private sector universities, colleges and institutes
  • Overseas affiliated colleges and institutes
Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Mauritius

Upon completing the CPE or the Certificate of Primary Education successfully, students can qualify for admission into secondary colleges in Mauritius. Most bachelor’s programs last three to four years, however, programs in specialization medicine and surgery or dentistry span six years.  Bachelor’s degree programs in Mauritius involve a high degree of specialization. These programs generally focus on one major subject that a student must choose. Student’s can also choose a second or minor specialization. Upon successfully completing all levels of the program, and passing the final examination, students are conferred with a bachelor’s degree in Mauritius. Bachelor’s programs grant access to students for a master’s degree program in Mauritius.
Master’s Degree Programs in Mauritius

 For gaining admission into a master’s degree program in Mauritius, students must have obtained their bachelor’s degree. Normally the Masters degree program, such as MA or MSc or MBA, are offered in English at several universities in Mauritius. Most of the Master’s programs span two years in part time study, or one year full time study. Subjects like agriculture, engineering, law & management, science, social studies, humanities, language studies and more are offered at master’s degree programs at universities in Mauritius.

Doctoral Study Programs in Mauritius

 There are options for research after obtaining the masters degree in Mauritius. The PhD or the MPhil degrees have a minimum duration of two years and the maximum of seven years. These degrees can be obtained by attending either full time or part time courses.

Mauritius is a country that has witnessed a lot of transformation in its tertiary education system and at the government continues to make strides in efforts to provide sound education facilities to students of the country.

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