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Al-Yamamah College

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al Yamamah College (YC) is a private university located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was founded in May 2001 by Al-Khudair family, who have a tradition in contributing to the region’s educational system. The university consists of the Colleges of Business Administration and Computing and Information Systems as well as the Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service. Furthermore, it has been authorized as an institution of higher learning by the Ministry of Higher Education. Al Yamamah College strives to design enriching opportunities and challenging curricula. For this... See full description.

College of Business Administration

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The College of Business Administration was founded in the year 2000. CBA has two main streams, CBA for men and CBA for women. Both of them are located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. CBA has more than 2500 students of which 16% are non-Saudis, representing more than 30 nationalities worldwide. The focus of teaching at CBA is to build business leaders of tomorrow by providing them excellent business education. CBA is endorsed by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education and is a member of AACSB (USA) and EFMD (Europe).

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About universities in Saudi Arabia

Higher education in Saudi Arabia is structured along similar lines as that in the United States of America and comes under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, established in 1975. The Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia looks at the implementation of policies developed by the Higher Education Council of Saudi Arabia. Universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia offering higher education are generally public with some being private, yet aided by the government.
Universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia offer courses in a gamut of subjects such as technology, medicine, law, agriculture, and humanities. All colleges in Saudi Arabia offer Bachelor degree courses while some offer the more research oriented, Master’s and Doctoral degree courses.
Universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia offer programs in three degrees.
  • Bachelor Degree programs in Saudi Arabia last four years in case of art, humanities and social science; four years plus clinical training for Pharmacy and Medicine and five years for and engineering and veterinary medicine. Medicine studies go on for eight years, upon successful completion of which, Doctor of Medicine degree is conferred upon the candidate.
  • Master’s Degree or Darajat al Majisteer requires an additional two years of study after successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree. A master's degree in Saudi Arabia can be awarded in economics, business and public administration, accountancy, engineering, arts and humanities, marine sciences, science, earth sciences, meteorology, environment and arid-land agricultural science. In case of Islamic law, Arabic and social sciences one needs to complete three years of study. For all programs offered at this level, a thesis is required. Some universities in Saudi Arabia, like the King Saud University, also offer one-year postgraduate programs which lead to a general diploma in education.
  • Doctorate degree or doctoorah requires a minimum of three years following the master's degree. For obtaining the doctorate, candidates need to submit a dissertation based on independent research. For subjects like Islamic law, Arabic and Islamic studies, social sciences, Islamic propagation (da'wa), communications and Orientalism, very few doctorates are on offer.
Universities in Saudi Arabia:
One of the best universities in Saudi Arabia is the King Saud University, which was established in 1957. It marked the starting point of developing a modern and better system of higher education in Saudi Arabia; it was also the first university in all the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.
There are, now, 24 universities, established by the government in Saudi Arabia, which were established in a very short span. Under the provisions of the Seventh Development Plan three more universities, namely University of Taibba, University of Qasssim and University Taif were established. Colleges established under these universities offer diplomas, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in various subjects and are also introducing opportunities for distance learning.
Higher Education in Saudi Arabia for women:
Although, it has received significant attention from the government, women’s higher education in Saudi Arabia is defined by labor market constraints. It is estimated that women account for only 14 percent of the labor force, of which 95 percent are in the public sector and 85 percent in education. Women’s higher education in Saudi Arabia falls under the purview of General Presidency for Girls' Education, which established 11 women-only higher education colleges in Saudi Arabia between 1970 and 1982. These colleges offer four year bachelor degree courses. Some of them offer master's degrees in education, science, humanities and social work; they also offer doctorates in education.

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