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Higher education is offered at two public universities in Senegal- Cheikh Anta Dip University and Gaston Berger University. The higher education system in Senegal is based on the French system. The academic year is from October through July. All courses are taught in the French language only.

University level education comprises of three stages- bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD.

Bachelor Programs in Senegal

The universities in Senegal offer bachelor’s degree programs in various fields of study, including degrees in engineering, finance, law, sciences, humanities, and law. The public university system includes the school of medicine, which offers pharmacy, surgery and research programs.

The candidates who want to gain an admission into a bachelor’s degree program offered by universities in Senegal need to have obtained a passing grade on the Baccalaureat examination. Candidates may also be required to have scored higher grades in subjects that they are opting to study. Foreign students who want to enroll into universities in Senegal must have equivalent academic qualification. The candidates who do not meet the qualification requirements of the universities in Senegal need to undertake special examinations for entry.

Science and technology is one of the most popular and important  faculties in Senegal. Mathematics and computer, physics, plant biology, animal biology, chemistry and geology are some other faculties that offer bachelor‘s programs in Senegal.
Oral and/or written exams are administered at the end of the year, which the students must clear to start the next semester. Successfully completing all semesters and examinations leads to the conferment of the bachelor’s degree in Senegal.

Masters Programs in Senegal

Master’s degrees in Senegal are offered by the public university in various fields of study. Those who have completed their bachelor’s degree successfully can enroll into a master’s degree program in their respective field of study.

In the faculty of medicine and pharmacy, master’s degree programs are offered in various fields like human physiology, biological hematology, public health, immunology and infection, fundamental and applied microbiology, and human anthropology. Post graduation programs typically take two years to complete. Students, who have completed their Masters degree successfully, are eligible to pursue the highest level of education in Senegal.

Doctorate Programs in Senegal

Doctorate degree programs are offered by universities in Senegal to students who wish to pursue research following the master’s program. Students need to complete the PhD program within the specified time. Usually, it should be completed within two years. However, scholars may be able to extend the period to four years in certain circumstances. They need to submit an independent thesis, which leads them to being awarded the Doctorate degree. The thesis must be defended by the candidate in front of at least three juries.

Higher education in Senegal is in a growing stage. The government is taking steps to improve the quality of education.

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