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Syrian Virtual University

Damascus, Syria
The Syrian Virtual University was established in 2002, and it was the first institution of its kind in the region. The institution follows the mission to offer Arab students a world-class education, providing an online learning environment that is in accordance with the latest technological and educational developments.The institution is fully accredited by the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education and strives to play an important role in the region with the introduction of Lifelong Learning. The university has found a solution of bridging the cultural gap between Arab students and... See full description.

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About universities in Syria

Higher education is offered by universities and higher technical institutes in Syria. The Ministry of Higher Education supervises and controls the universities and other institutes. Legislation passed in 2001, permits the establishment of private universities and colleges. Except private universities, all other universities in Syria are controlled and financed by the state. Arabic is the language of instruction in Syria. The academic year runs from September through June.
Most universities in Syria follow the French style of university education. It comprises of three stages
  • License or Bachelor’s degree
  • DEA (Diplome d’etudes Approfondies) and DESS (diploma d’etudes Superieures specialisees), which are equivalent to Master’s degree in English speaking countries.
  • Doctorate Degree
License or Bachelor’s Programs in Syria

The first stage of university level education in Syria is the licence or bachelor’s program that lasts four to six years, depending upon the field of study. Typically, arts, economics, Fine arts, Islamic Law, law and social science studies last for four years. The duration of engineering, agriculture, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science and architecture is five years. The licence of Docteur en Medicine is awarded at the end of six years.

The Secondary Education Certificate (Bakaloria) is considered for a licence degree admission. Al Shahada Al Thanawiyya Al’Amma is the secondary school completion exam in Syria.  Foreign students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Syria need to have a secondary school leaving certificate or an equivalent qualification. Universities in Syria offer bachelor’s degree in various fields including business, population studies and biotechnology.

Master’s Degree Programs in Syria

Those who have achieved good scores in the bachelor’s program are eligible to enroll into a master’s degree in Syria.  Students are required to choose between an academic master’s degree and professional master’s degree. Those who have successfully completed a program in an academic master‘s degree are qualified to do PhD. Post graduation degree programs last for one to two years.

Doctorate Programs in Syria

Doctorate is the highest university degree in Syria. Those who have obtained satisfactory marks in their master’s degree are eligible for enrolling into a doctorate program.  The duration of PhD programs in Syria is at least three years.  A doctorate program involves personal research work and the defence of thesis.

The number of private universities offering higher education in Syria is on the rise. Every year more than 30,000 students enroll into undergraduate programs. They are distributed in public universities, private universities and higher education institutes. The University Law that has been recently amended offers more autonomy to universities in Syria.

Lack of relevance of programs that meet the needs of labor market is the main shortcoming of higher education in Syria. However, the Higher education council in the country is making efforts to reform and diversify the higher education programs to meet the changing needs of the labor market.

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