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Higher education was introduced in Yemen, when the first university opened in 1970. Later, many more public and private universities were founded in the country. The Ministry of Education and Scientific Research regulates the higher education system in Yemen. The country has seven public universities, five private universities and four community colleges. Both public and private institutions offer the same programs, but the private institutions operate as businesses and they need to obtain a business license. The number of students enrolling into universities in Yemen is comparatively low, with only 10 percent of secondary school graduates pursuing higher education. However, in recent years the Yemen Government has been taking efforts to develop the education system.

Community colleges in Yemen offer three year associate degree programs, while universities offer bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctoral degrees.

Bachelor’s Degrees Programs in Yemen

The universities in Yemen grant candidates admission to Bachelor degree programs on the basis of the Al Thanawiya (General Secondary Education Certificate) examination results. Generally, students who have scored the highest marks (80 percent or more) in Al Thanawiya exams are eligible for admission to the faculties of medicine and engineering. The next level scorers (65 to 70 percent) are eligible for faculties like science, commerce and agriculture. The faculties of law, arts, and education require the minimum score. Those who have scored 50 to 60 percent are eligible to get admission in these faculties. The candidates looking to gain admission onto Engineering and Medicine programs typically need to take a written entrance examination and/or interview.

Most bachelor’s programs in Yemen last for 4 years. However, the bachelor degree programs in the fields of engineering and medicine require 5 and 6 years respectively to complete. The official languages, Arabic and English, are used as mediums of instruction at universities. Normally, the classes for Bachelor’s degrees in arts are conducted in Arabic, while the science, engineering and medicine programs are conducted in English.

Masters’ Degree Programs in Yemen

Those who have completed the bachelor’s degree programs successfully, with at least grade “good” are eligible for entering into a master degree in Yemen. Although universities in Yemen offer master degree programs, the options are limited. Hence, many students who wish to pursue higher education go abroad, especially to USA, UK and other European countries. State funded scholarships are available to students who study post graduation programs abroad.

Master’s degree offered by universities in Yemen is typically a two year program. The Master of Engineering program takes one year to complete.
Doctorate Degree Programs

Recently, the universities in Yemen have started to offer doctorate programs. Prior to that, students took doctorate programs offered by the Ain Shams University in Egypt under the supervision of a Ain Shams university in Yemen.

The entry requirements for doctoral level education in Yemen include completion of a master’s degree with an overall “good” grade.  PhD programs are only offered in limited faculties like education, science and Islamic studies.

Higher education in Yemen still has a long way to go. The Government of Yemen is making more efforts, so the future looks promising for the growth of higher education in the country.

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