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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Top Universities in Spain & IELTS Requirements

Universities in Spain are some of the most renowned universities not only in Europe but also in the world. Every year a large number of international students apply and get enrolled in the Spanish Universities, making them some of the most diverse campuses around. If considered QS University Rankings, 27 of the Spanish Universities feature among the top universities of the world. Here is more on the top universities in Spain, and one of the essential requirements for admission, English Language Proficiency.

Spanish Universities Ranking:

As mentioned, 27 of the universities in Spain is ranked among the top universities in the world. Four of them, are in the Top 250. The University of Barcelona ranks first. One of the largest universities in Spain with over 63000 enrolments, University of Barcelona has long been considered the best university of Spain by students and academics alike.

Then comes the  Autonomous universities of Barcelona and Madrid, ranked just under 200. Both universities are the pioneer research institutes in Spain, and just like the University of Barcelona, they are two of the largest educational institutes of the country.

In the top 500, comes six more universities including the University of Navarra, University of Pompeu Fabra, Carlos III University of Madrid, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, IE University and Polytechnic University of Madrid. All of them are known for their quality of education and technological advancements. All the universities mentioned here offer a large number of opportunities in terms of practical exposure and after studies opportunities.

IELTS Requirements for top universities in Spain:

There is a specific requirement to the universities in Spain, especially for international students willing to be enrolled in English taught courses. If the courses are being taught in English, the students are expected to have a level of English language proficiency to understand the lectures and complete the assignments.

IELTS Exam, the International English Language Testing System is one way to prove the English language proficiency for international students which is accepted by a large number of Spanish Universities. It is an assessment of the candidate’s understanding of the English language in all the modules that are listening, reading, writing and speaking.

It is necessary to be noted here that there are other levels to prove English language Proficiency, though IELTS is the most preferred by the students all over the world. The test has a scoring scale of 0 to 9 bands, with 9 being the highest one can achieve. Here we have listed the top universities in Spain, and average IELTS requirements to get an admission in their English-taught courses.

No QS World Ranking Universities in Spain Average IELTS Requirements
1 165 Universitat de Barcelona 6.0
2 188 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona 6.5
3 192 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid 7.0
4 245 University of Navarra 6.5
5 285 Universitat Pompeu Fabra 6.5
6 298 Carlos III University of Madrid 5.0
7 300 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 6.5
8 335 IE University 7.0
9 435 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) 6.5
10 511-520 University of Granada 6.5
11 601-650 University of Seville 6.5
12 701-750 University Rovira I Virgili 6.0
13 801-1000 University of Murcia 5.0
14 801-1000 University of Oviedo 6.0
15 1000+ University of the Basque Country 6.5

Keep in mind that these are the average requirements for the Universities in Spain. The IELTS requirements change with courses and universities, and the best way to be up to date is to check the university website before applying to a university. Some of the universities have alternatives to IELTS or the English Language tests altogether.



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