Can any glass be a dry erase board?

If you are absolutely insistent on making your own glass whiteboard, we highly recommend using a tempered glass that has sanded edges or rounded corners for safety reasons.
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Can you use regular glass as a dry erase board?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Glass is an excellent writing surface. You can write on glass with dry erase markers, and erase the marks!
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Do you need special markers for glass whiteboards?

Yes, you can write on a glass whiteboard with a dry erase marker without any staining. You can also use a variety of markers on a glass whiteboard, including those specifically designed for glass dry erase boards, such as liquid chalk markers and liquid paint markers.
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Will dry erase come off glass?

Dry erase markers erase with an eraser on most non-porous materials, like whiteboards, porcelain, melamine and glass.
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Can you turn a window into a whiteboard?

Whiteboard film enables you to transform glass windows and walls into a means for collaboration, creativity, and expressions.
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Is a Glass Whiteboard Worth it? Audio Visual Direct Long-Term Review

Can you use glass like a whiteboard?

One of the newest trends is the glass whiteboard, which is even more eco-friendly than the traditional whiteboard, and it doesn't streak or stain the way a normal whiteboard does. While glass has become the ideal material for whiteboards, throwing a regular piece of glass up on a wall just won't cut it.
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How do you use glass as a whiteboard?

DIY Glass Dry Erase Board
  1. Introduction: DIY Glass Dry Erase Board. Whiteboards can cost a fortune. ...
  2. Step 1: Secure Your Materials. Basic Materials needed for this project are a piece of replacement windows glass, we bought 30"x36" from Home Depot. ...
  3. Step 2: Tools Needed. ...
  4. Step 3: Installation. ...
  5. Step 4: Mount and Enjoy.
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What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry erase board?

The Terms “Whiteboard” and “Dry Erase Board” Have the Same Meaning. To clear up this confusion, you can rest assured that the expressions whiteboard and dry erase board are synonymous; that is, they have exactly the same meaning.
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Can Windex hurt a dry erase board?

Yes, Windex can be used to clean a dry-erase board, but only on certain types of boards. For porcelain and glass dry-erase boards, Windex is an effective chemical-based cleaner. However, Windex can damage the surface of melamine dry-erase boards, so it is not recommended for these types of boards.
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Is Windex good for dry erase?

Can you use Windex® to clean a dry erase board? Yes, glass-cleaning products such as Windex® are recommended for cleaning the dry erase surface of a whiteboard.
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What kind of dry erase marker for glass?

Expo Neon Dry Erase Markers

These markers are designed specifically for glass boards, but you can write on and easily erase that writing from any glass surface – including windows.
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What pens are best for glass whiteboards?

Pentel Maxiflo Markers

Specifically made for whiteboards and glassboards, Maxiflo markers by Pentel deliver a steady, consistent flow of ink without smudging or streaking. A unique pumping action replenishes the ink as it flows through the tip. The bullet tip allows precision drawing with fine lines.
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Can you use Expo on glass?

This set of five electrified colors shine bright on both black and white dry erase surfaces. You can even write on glass, mirrors, windows, and other non-porous surfaces! The bright, vivid ink is specially formulated to be low-odor, so they won't distract from your presentation in the classroom or in the office.
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What not to use on a dry-erase board?

DO NOT. Use abrasive erasers, cleaners, sponges or rags. Use a chalkboard eraser.
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What can I use instead of a dry-erase board?

5 Alternatives To Whiteboards
  • Plastic Plates. Those super shiny plastic plates you use for birthday parties and cookouts are just perfect for writing on with your dry erase marker. ...
  • Desk. ...
  • Page Protectors. ...
  • Anything Metal. ...
  • Vinyl Spots.
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Can I use my mirror as a dry-erase board?

Almost anyone can make use of dry erase marks on mirrored surfaces.
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Do Clorox wipes ruin dry erase boards?

Yes, Clorox wipes and other cleaning products (such as Windex) have the potential to ruin dry erase boards.
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Will rubbing alcohol ruin a dry erase board?

We'll be the first to admit that isopropyl alcohol works as a tremendous cleaning agent, but when it comes to maintaining the quality of your dry erase board, it's the worst solution imaginable.
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Is vinegar good for dry erase board?

Vinegar and water: Opt for this homemade solution of vinegar and water when you want to clean without harsh chemicals. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar with one cup of water. Along with a microfiber cloth to wipe the whiteboard, this is a classic cleaning method.
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What is ghosting on a dry erase board?

Whiteboard ghosting occurs when dry erase marks are left behind and cannot be erased. Normally, most dry erase marks can be simply wiped away using a whiteboard eraser, and more stubborn marks can be cleaned away with a damp cloth.
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Why are dry erase boards so expensive?

The raw materials that go into these high-priced boards, such as steel, aluminum, and the ceramic ingredients used in firing porcelain enamel, are quite costly, and the manufacturing processes used to produce them consume a massive amount of energy, all of which contribute to their high cost.
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How do you make a homemade dry erase board?

To make a DIY whiteboard, you will need a smooth surface, white paint, and a dry erase marker. Start by painting the smooth surface with several coats of white paint and allow it to dry completely. Once the surface is dry, you can use the dry erase marker to write and erase on the whiteboard.
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What type of glass is used for glass whiteboard?

Glass whiteboards, however, are the most scratch and dent resistant boards on the market. Made using tempered safety glass, they're four times tougher than ceramic whiteboards. You'd have to work pretty hard to crack a glass whiteboard.
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How long do glass whiteboards last?

Since most whiteboards will only last about five to ten years before they're too stained and ghosted to be used anymore, glass whiteboards can outlast them by decades. Oh did we forget to mention that awesome quality? That's right, glass whiteboards never stain or streak, so they can last you a lifetime!
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Can you use Sharpie on glass whiteboard?

Luckily, glass whiteboards can endure almost any kind of marker, since they're non-porous and won't stain or streak no matter how much you write on them.
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