Can I transfer Sophia credits to another college?

We've partnered with over 40 colleges and universities that have agreed to accept transfer credits from Sophia. If your school is on our list of partners, you may not need to complete any additional steps to ensure your completed Sophia coursework is accepted for transfer credit at your school.
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Are Sophia Learning credits transferable?

Sophia courses are transferable to partner colleges and universities, as well as hundreds of additional institutions that reviewed Sophia courses for credit. However, it's important to confirm that your courses will transfer to your chosen institution.
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Are Sophia credits accredited?

Sophia Course Approvals & Recommendations. While neither Sophia nor StraighterLine can be accredited as colleges or universities because they don't grant degrees, they can offer courses accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).
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Do Sophia credits expire?

Can I take courses for credit if I'm not enrolled at a school? Sophia course completions do not expire and will be available to submit for transfer when you're ready. At that time, check with your school's registrar for their credit transfer policies.
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Can I transfer credits from one course to another?

Credit transfer – you may be able to transfer any course credits you've already gained, but if the course you want to transfer to is very different, this may not be possible, and you may need to start the new course at the very beginning. This could mean another year of tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses.
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How to Transfer Sophia Credits to UoPeople | Get Your Transcript for FREE!

Can you transfer colleges halfway through the year UK?

Unfortunately, some competitive courses will not allow you to transfer midway through the program and you will have to reapply as a fresh applicant. It's also worth noting that in the UK it's unlikely you will be able to transfer midway through the academic year but will instead have to wait until the end of the year.
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Is credit transfer possible in UK?

Credit transfer university UK; recognition of prior learning, as credits towards a new degree programme, can be possible. This can apply both to transfers within the UK and elsewhere in Europe or globally.
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How many Sophia credits can you transfer?

Please request your Sophia Learning transcripts be sent to UAGC through your Sophia account. Students must complete 120 credits to obtain a bachelor's degree. A maximum of 90 combined non-traditional learning, UAGC prior learning, and transfer credits may be accepted and applied toward the 120-credit requirement.
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How long do Sophia courses last?

It depends on the course and your prior knowledge. Some Sophia classes take just a single 8-10 hour day, assuming minimal breaks and some basic knowledge. Some have lengthy Touchstones that will require a day or two each to complete, plus time for grading. Most courses are going to be somewhere in between.
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What happens if you fail a Sophia course?

We allow one (1) retake per Challenge and one (1) retake per Milestone. You will be prompted to contact the Sophia Learning Coach team if you fail an assessment in the course. We want you to be completely satisfied with your learning experience. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee prior to completion.
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Do most colleges accept Sophia credits?

ACE credit (which is what Sophia is) does not "convert" to RA college credit if you are able to transfer it to a college/university. You will always have 2 (or more!) transcripts. Unfortunately, a lot of schools are not willing to accept any ACE credit besides specific CLEP exams.
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Is Sophia Uni good?

Sophia University is one of the top private universities in Tokyo, Japan. It is ranked #901-950 in QS World University Rankings 2024.
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Does National university accept Sophia credits?

In accordance with published ACE guidelines, successful completion of SOPHIA courses can be applied. In order to receive credit for SOPHIA courses, an official SOPHIA transcript must be received by the Office of the Registrar.
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Where do Sophia learning credits transfer?

Sophia's Partner Colleges and Universities
  • Alabama State University.
  • American College of Education.
  • American Military University.
  • American National University.
  • American Public University.
  • Ashworth College.
  • Athens State University.
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Are Sophia courses pass or fail?

Sophia Learning offers recommendations for which course to take first. Learners must earn 70% or above to pass a course. Note: Only courses that learners pass will show up on their College Start transcript. There's NO impact on a learner's GPA since these courses are Pass/Fail.
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Can I retake a dropped Sophia course?

Yes, you can. You might have to ask support to have it reset and you would have to start from the very beginning, but you can retake it. There may or may not be a minimum waiting period before you can start it again.
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Is Sophia learning considered a college?

So, Will Your College Accept Transfer Credits from Sophia? Because Sophia does not offer degree programs, we are not accredited. Instead, our focus is on offering convenient, affordable, online courses that accredited colleges and universities may accept as transfer credits to help you earn your degree.
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How to get Sophia for free?

Get started in three easy steps.
  1. Choose your courses. Choose one or more of Sophia's 60+ on-demand, online courses and launch your free trial.
  2. Experience the Sophia courseroom. Access the first unit of the courses you choose and get to know the instructors and sample the instructional content. ...
  3. Take the first Challenge.
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How much does Sophia cost?

Sign up for a Sophia membership and complete college-level courses designed to transfer for credit. Take as many courses as you want for only a $99/month subscription fee, up to two courses at a time.
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What is the most credits you can transfer?

What is the maximum number of college course credits transferred and accepted? Generally, 60 credits from a community or two-year college or 60-90 credits from a combination of two and four-year institutions may be applied towards the degree.
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How many Sophia courses can you complete in a month?

You can take as many courses as you'd like each month and are allowed to be active in two courses at the same time. Will my plan automatically renew? Yes, your membership will automatically renew.
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How does Sophia credits work?

A transfer credit represents a course you've successfully completed at Sophia that is applied at another school. Earning general education credits is a great way to accelerate your degree program – and save some money in the process.
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Can I transfer my last year of college?

Experts strongly advise students not to transfer from another four-year university during their junior or senior year, for instance, as they can lose credits or run out of of available financial aid. "Most institutions only accept 60 credits," White says.
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Can you transfer colleges in the UK?

Most universities in the UK do not have any transferrable credit system. You can transfer after the first year and get in somewhere else, but only to do roughly the same thing, and at best with 'senior status', which allows you to skip the first year.
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How do you do credit transfer?

You can usually do a balance transfer over the phone or online. You'll need to provide account numbers of your old cards and tell your new provider how much of your balance you want to transfer (there may sometimes be a maximum limit you can transfer, so again, check the T&Cs).
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