Do children go home for lunch in Switzerland?

There are no catering facilities at any local schools in Switzerland; all pupils are expected to go home for lunch between 12 and 2pm. Swiss mums usually cook a hot meal at lunchtime.
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Where do Swiss school children usually eat their lunch?

Heading home for lunch

Whether they are 4 or 14 years old, schools break for lunch for two hours during midday. Schools in Switzerland usually do not run a school canteen. This means that, depending on the canton, your children return home between 11.45-12.15 and then leave again between 1.15-1.30pm.
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Are children required to attend school in Switzerland?

Mandatory education in Switzerland lasts for 11 years. Under the Swiss constitution, schooling is free and open to all children. The cantons are in charge of education matters, meaning there are currently 26 different school systems. Moves are underway to harmonise schooling in Switzerland.
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What do Swiss kids do after school?

Sports and clubs are common extracurricular activities after school. Many students also take academic courses during the summer and on weekends during the school year.
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What is a typical school day in Switzerland?

How long is a school day in Switzerland? Kindergarten (4-6yrs) starts with half days, usually 4-5 half days. Depending on the canton, times can be 8.20-11.30am or a combination of mornings and one afternoon, usually from 1.30-4.00pm. Primary school starts with 5 mornings, starting usually around 8am and 1-2 afternoons.
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Switzerland for kids – an amazing and quick guide to Switzerland

Are schools in Switzerland strict?

Switzerland is known for some of the best international schools in Europe. Although most of the schools have reputations for strict discipline, they are also known for their extremely high educational standards.
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Are schools free in Switzerland?

State schools are free. Children are normally admitted to the school in their catchment area, which is often the school closest to where they live.
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Why is there no school on Wednesday in Switzerland?

Until around 20 years ago, Swiss pupils had to go to school every day of the week apart from Sunday. Legally, they got two afternoons off (on Wednesdays and Saturdays), but at the end of the 1970s some people started pushing for a five-day week, i.e. moving the Saturday morning shift to Wednesday afternoon.
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Do kids walk to school in Switzerland?

Kids walk to school on their own

If you're already in Switzerland, you may have been dazzled to see children of kindergarten or primary school age walk to school alone. Don't worry – it is perfectly normal and, most importantly, safe! This does not just happen from one day to the next.
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Do they teach English in Swiss schools?

All children in Switzerland learn English in school – some in primary school, others not until they reach about 14 and have studied another language already. Language schools are often flexible to meet the needs of the clients, offering classes at varied times of day and on specialist subjects.
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Is Health Care Free in Switzerland?

There is no free healthcare in Switzerland and individual private health insurance is compulsory for all residents. Both public and private healthcare in Switzerland is excellent. Facilities are clean and well equipped, waiting times are usually short, and medical professionals often speak English.
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Why do parents send their kids to boarding school in Switzerland?

Swiss educational excellence

Switzerland has boasted an exceptional reputation for world-class education for centuries with families from all over the world sending their children here to get a safe, well-rounded, challenging, and life-enriching school experience.
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Do kids in Switzerland have homework?

Education is the responsibly of the cantons in Switzerland, but much is decided on the local school level. Homework is not obligatory . The Lehrplan 21 (Curriculum 21) for German-speaking Switzerland, for example, only says when homework shouldn't be given, such as over a bank holiday, but not if it should be given.
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Do German kids go home for lunch?

Most German schools still have longer morning breaks where students can get snacks and then in the afternoon they go home for a hot lunch (Mittagessen), which is usually the biggest meal of the day.
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What do kids eat in Switzerland?

  • Cheese Fondue (Kasefondue) Cheese fondue is made with melted yellow cheese, seasoning, spices and white wine. ...
  • Chocolate Fondue. Of all the kinds of fondue this is definitely the favorite of most kids. ...
  • Meat Fondue. ...
  • Basel Cookies (Basler Leckerli) ...
  • Swiss Fried Apples and Bread. ...
  • Rosti. ...
  • Chocolate. ...
  • Zurich Geschnetzeltes.
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Which country has the best school lunches in the world?

That's not true in some of the other relatively wealthy countries. For example, Japan has an excellent school meal program. Finland is probably the best in the world.
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Can kids miss school in Switzerland?

It means that students can be absent from classes for two days per school year - without having to give any reasons. "Parents do not have to apply for this absence," the canton says. "It is sufficient to inform the teacher or the school management."
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What language do Swiss children learn in school?

The language of instruction is German, French, Italian or Romansh, depending on the language region. Traditionally, language learning is important in Switzerland. Students learn a second official language of Switzerland as well as English during their compulsory school years.
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Is it expensive to go to school in Switzerland?

The following are the average tuition fees at Swiss public universities: Bachelor's and Master's programs cost between 400 and 3,700 euros each year. Ph. D. degrees are worth between 100 and 900 euros per year.
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Why is everything closed on Sunday in Switzerland?

The roots are in Christianity where Sunday is a day of rest and therefore one should not work. While the religious aspect has declined over the decades, the rest part has remained in that most view it as a fundamental right to have Sunday as a day of rest.
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How many hours is a school day in Switzerland?

What are Swiss schools like? Swiss school days are relatively short, with classes beginning between 8.30 and 9.30am. It is then expected for your child to return home at noon for a one-and-a-half-hour lunch break. Then there is an afternoon session that concludes around 3.30 to 4.30pm.
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Why are things closed on Sundays in Switzerland?

Historically, the reason in this Christian country was that Sunday should be a day of worship, not work. With time, however, the religious aspect has diminished, as has church attendance: studies show that the number of people who belong to the Catholic and Swiss Reformed churches has continued to fall in Switzerland.
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Do Swiss schools have uniforms?

As a general rule, school children in Switzerland do not wear uniforms. School uniforms dominate in Britain, Ireland and Cyprus.
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How good are Swiss public schools?

Luckily, Switzerland offers excellent quality education options, ranging from local public schools to private international schools, either bilingual or monolingual.
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Is education free for foreigners in Switzerland?

Switzerland is renowned for its robust education system, and several public universities offer tuition-free or low-cost education for both domestic and international students. University of Zurich: Known for its diverse academic programs, the University of Zurich offers tuition-free education to all students.
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