How do you tell your teacher you deserve a better grade?

So don't go in with an accusatory attitude, but with a bit of humility. Calmly express your concerns, and go back through the assignment with them. Just like you did with the teaching assistant, go point by point through the portions of your grade that you feel are unfair.
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How do I ask my teacher for a better grade?

Calmly and professionally say what you believe is wrong with your grade. Present other tests and assignments that demonstrate what you're capable of, and suggest the solution you think is reasonable. Be convincing and confident, but don't assume to know more or better than your teacher.
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How do you politely ask for a better grade?

Make sure you write a polite email to your professor with your request. Justify the need for better grades, and explain how it influences your GPA. Mention that you've realised your mistake and will do your best next time. Let the teacher know that there is some good reason behind this.
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How do you argue for a better grade?

Students must first meet with their professor. They can then appeal to the department chair or a dean. At some schools, students must put the request in writing and provide evidence to support their desired grade change. If these steps don't work, students can file a formal grade appeal form.
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How do you negotiate a better grade?

Emphasize your desire to improve.

It's important that your professor understands you want to improve your performance in the course. During your meeting ask the professor to give you suggestions on how to improve on future assignments. Try saying, “I'm really committed to improving my grade in this course.
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How to convince a teacher to give you a higher grade

How do you get your teacher to pass you?

Take a look:
  1. Adjust your study habits. It could be possible that you are studying, but it's just not effective. ...
  2. Ask for help. There's no shame in asking for help. ...
  3. Stop procrastinating. ...
  4. Turn in missing work. ...
  5. Talk to your teacher. ...
  6. Request extra credit. ...
  7. Consider choosing a “pass/fail” grading. ...
  8. Don't give up.
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Does an 89.5 round up to a 90 in college?

While grading scales may vary slightly depending on the high school or college, most institutions tend to round up grades following standard rounding rules, meaning that an 89.5 would round up to a 90.
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What effect does a 0 have on a student?

Of course, students need to understand that the world has deadlines and expectations, and that there are consequences for “failing” to follow through. But a zero doesn't really teach that lesson — it actually shuts down learning.
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What to do if your teacher gives you a bad grade?

Reach out to your teacher and talk about the ways that you can improve. Teachers love it when students who get a bad grade show a willingness to learn and get better. That makes the teacher feel successful, like they're doing a good job.
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What is grade grubbing?

Grade Grubbing (also called "grade begging" or "grade lawyering") is the act of a student going to a professor and asking for a grade to be raised for no legitimate reason.
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How do you talk to a professor about a bad grade?

DO: a) Ask appropriate questions about how your grade was calculated. b) Ask for examples of what would have made your work stronger. c) Try to understand what your professor thinks is missing or incorrect about your work.
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How do you talk about bad grades?

8 Tips for Talking About Bad Grades
  1. Address the importance of grades early. ...
  2. Separate the child from the grade. ...
  3. Approach the subject with concern, not anger. ...
  4. Ask questions. ...
  5. Talk to the teacher. ...
  6. Know that rewards and punishment don't work if you want your child to love learning. ...
  7. Beware of pressure. ...
  8. Take the simplest steps first.
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How do I get my teacher to bump my grade up?

Try to improve for the future rather than asking for a higher letter grade. Be polite, honest and go in-person. Don't ask for a grade bump outright. Instead let your professor know what your goals were, and that you fell short and wonder why and how it could have been avoided.
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What does it mean to bump a grade?

Students sometimes ask professors to round their grade up to the next highest letter grade. This practice is known as grade bumping. (
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Why do some teachers grade so hard?

Strict-grading professors often come from schools that implemented strict-grading policies. They know the amount of knowledge and work required to pass the class—and they did it, so they know that their students can too. To maintain academic integrity, they pass this grading policy on to their students.
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How much will a 0 affect my grade if I have a 93?

Assuming that the zero worth 50% of your grade is equal to the 93% that you currently have (the other 50%), you would add these 2 numbers and divide by 2. So 93% + 50 % = 143. Divide 143 by 2 = 71.5%, so your grade would be a low C. In other words, A (93%) + F (50%) = C (71.5%).
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How much will a 0 affect a 100?

1 Expert Answer

If both grades are weighted the, i.e. if they both count the same, then you will have a 50 in the class. This comes from averaging the 2 grades. (100 + 0)/2 = 100/2 = 50.
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Is a 50 better than a 0?

Because grades typically run from A to F (100 to 50), giving students a zero for a missed assignment significantly affects their grade. Assigning a 50 instead of a zero penalizes missed assignments but balances the possibility of bringing a grade up.
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Is 89.5 A B+?

Common examples of grade conversion are: A+ (97–100), A (93–96), A- (90–92), B+ (87–89), B (83–86), B- (80–82), C+ (77–79), C (73–76), C- (70–72), D+ (67–69), D (65–66), D- (below 65).
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How many F's does it take to fail 7th grade?

It really depends on your school and what they consider to be failure. There are some schools that will let you pass with 4 Fs, but then there are also schools that will not let you pass if you get more than 3 Fs. The best thing to do would be to talk to your teacher or counselor about it and see what they say.
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Is it right to beg your teacher to let your failed grade be passed?

It's unlikely that your prof will pass you based on begging. BUT! You should go talk to them anyway, and try (if you can) to explain your situation. Your university likely has many mental health resources for students, and its likely your prof knows what they are and how to find them.
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What can I do if I fail high school?

In California, you only need to be 18 years or older to attend a community college. A high school diploma is not required, though you may have to take remedial courses offered by the college and some majors, such as engineering, may require a GED before you can transfer to a four-year university.
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