What careers are Gen Z most interested in?

Driving the news: Young people today are more likely to job-hop, but they are also looking for stability by pursuing careers as CEOs, doctors and engineers, according to a new Axios/Generation Lab study. By the numbers: Gen Z-ers surveyed said their top career goals were businessperson, doctor and engineer.
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What is the most popular career for Gen Z?

Media and entertainment is the top industry Gen Z wants to work in, beating tech, health care and education, according to a new report from Samsung and Morning Consult.
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What are Gen Z most interested in?

If there's one thing this generation loves to do, it's game. It's a hugely popular pastime for this group, particularly gaming on smartphones. Almost 9 in 10 Gen Z game on any device. What sets Gen Z apart from other generations, is their reasons for gaming.
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What is Gen Z's career goal?

“The top three Gen Z work-related goals cover having a good work-life balance, starting their own business, and achieving success and recognition,” Agata Szczepanek, a career expert at ResumeLab, wrote in the report.
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What do your Gen Z workers want?

More than other generations, Gen Z wants to have their voices heard. They want agency to create a future that they find meaningful. Enlist their energy and problem-solving skills. Build a culture of reverse-mentoring.
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Gen Z is reshaping the future of work – here’s how

How to attract Gen Z to jobs?

6 ways to attract, engage and retain Gen Z talent
  1. Provide clear development opportunities for their career.
  2. Create an inclusive work culture.
  3. Implement efficient time management.
  4. Make wellbeing a priority.
  5. Invest in the latest technology.
  6. Rethink the experience required in job listings.
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Why do Gen Z quit jobs?

According to LinkedIn's Workforce Confidence report, around 80% of Gen Z workers globally are looking to find a job that aligns better with their values. In addition, the Cigna 360 Global Well-Being Survey 2022, it is said that 91% of Gen Z workers feel extremely stressed in the workplace.
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What are the dream jobs for Gen Z?

The next generation of jobseekers are aiming for careers in traditional occupations according to a national survey. Amongst the top ten coveted careers were teaching, medicine and mental health therapy. Digital marketing was the only 'new age' occupation on the list.
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Who does Gen Z trust the most?

Bar charts showcasing Gen Z's level of trust on various institutions. The most trusted institutions are Science, the military and the medical system.
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What do Gen Z prioritize?

The Implication: Gen Z can prioritize friendship and invest time in inviting people for coffee, meeting up and hanging out with colleagues and people outside of work as well. Others can support Gen Z by reaching out and creating relationships with them, offering a listening ear, advice and companionship.
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What are Gen Z's new hobbies?

Gen Z are turning to the likes of TikTok and Instagram to learn new hobbies such as creating portraits of pets, rollerskating, and bubble nails - a fingernail art technique.
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Is Gen Z the richest?

The “Charles Schwab Modern Wealth Survey 2023,” released last month, found that the average net worth of baby boomers who feel wealthy is $692,000. That compares to $414,000 for Gen Z, $531,000 for millennials and $410,000 for Gen X.
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How do Gen Z say yes?

Bet. Simply put, this slang term means "yes." It can be used to confirm something and could be compared to the Millennial term "word."
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Is Gen Z job hopping?

83% of Gen Z workers consider themselves job hoppers, ResumeLab found. Despite short-term benefits to job hopping, younger workers should be mindful of their long-term savings often linked to current and former employers.
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What Gen Z will never know?

Gen Z will never know the joy of buying a new CD and throwing it into your player. Instead, they grew up with iPods and phones that let them carry thousands of songs in their pocket.
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Is Gen Z less likely to marry?

Based on forecasting and trends, the majority of Gen Z and single millennials will eventually marry. The average age of marriage may be in flux, but it's still as a priority for most people.
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What is the richest generation in the world?

Who has the most in assets? Baby boomers also have the most assets per household, followed by the silent generation, Generation X, and millennials. As for asset components, baby boomers have the most in retirement savings, as many people of the generation have not yet retired or been retired for very long.
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What Gen Z students want?

Gen Z places a priority on learning life skills along with academics — things like financial literacy, communication, problem-solving and understanding their own and others' emotions, which are overlooked in the traditional K-12 curriculum. They value good grades and practical, real-world skills.
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What skills do Gen Z need?

Key skills for emerging generations to develop include:
  • Creative thinking.
  • Problem solving.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Ability to ask the right questions.
  • Innovation & entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Communication skills.
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How long does Gen Z stay at a job?

However, Gen Z's average length in a job (so far) is 2 years and 3 months - only 6 months less than Millennials. Gen Z have very different attitudes than their older colleagues, including: More cautious when it comes to professional expectations, after seeing the fallout from the recession and widespread job losses.
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Why Gen Z's careers are in danger?

Gen-Z find themselves in an inhospitable labor market, with challenges in finding employment opportunities. There are overwhelming concerns about a lack of jobs and financial security. Around 60% of 18-to 25-year-olds said they're likely to switch jobs in 2023, up from 53% last year, according to Robert Half.
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Which generation is quiet quitting?

Perhaps because chatter about quiet quitting took off on TikTok, it is often associated with Gen-Z—people born after 1996.
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Does Gen Z have a future?

State of play: 76% of Gen Z surveyed said "they have a great future ahead of them," but just 44% reported feeling prepared for it. 82% believe they will achieve their goals.
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Is Gen Z hardest generation to work with?

While the survey indicates that three out of four managers find Gen Z to be the most challenging to work with, Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at ResumeBuilder, suggests that the challenges managers face with this generation may be attributed more to their companies' lack of preparedness.
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