What do you mean by determinants of curriculum development?

The term curriculum determinants refer to the factors that influence curriculum designing, development and implementation. It can also be defined as the a factor from which curriculum content is derived.
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What are determinants of curriculum development?

Therefore, Basic Needs, Social Aspects, and Cultural Factors all are determinants of the curriculum.
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What determines curriculum?

The curriculum is established by state standards. Every state has a standards board or committee and they publish the required curriculum for each class at each level.
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What are the five factors affecting curriculum development?

These are (1) political, (2)social, (3) economic, (4) environmental and (5) technological.
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What factors determine curriculum implementation?

There are various factors that influence Curriculum Implementation like the learners, resource materials and facilities, the teacher, the school environment, culture and ideology, instructional supervision and assessment.
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Determinants of Curriculum / Basis of Curriculum | Easy Explanation with Examples

What are the three major factors that influence curriculum development?

There are many factors that influence curriculum design. Three of these main factors include technology, a multicultural society, and classroom management. Technology is sometimes fearful for teachers, but it should simply be viewed as another tool to help teachers.
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What are the three important elements of curriculum implementation?

Curriculum implementation is the translation of a written curriculum into classroom practices. Regardless of the definition or approach, curriculum can be organized into three major components: objectives, content or subject matter, and learning experiences.
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What are the five 5 basic components of a curriculum?

There are five key elements to successful curriculum design:
  • Clear Purpose.
  • Strong Beliefs.
  • Big Ideas.
  • Common, Timely, and Purposeful Assessments.
  • Collaborative Design, Review, and Annual Revisions.
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What are the four elements of curriculum and how do they influence curriculum development?

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What four factors should you consider during curriculum planning?

Before you even begin to outline the content within your curriculum, assess the psychological, environmental, outcome, and growth needs your learning program should meet.
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What is the purpose of curriculum development?

Curriculum development benefits students by providing a clear course structure, aligning educational goals with industry standards, fostering engagement, enhancing teaching effectiveness, helping with schedule planning, and setting the pace for learning progress.
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What are the 7 criteria of a good curriculum?

Seven common criteria emerge: rigorous, rewarding, real, requires independence, rich in thinking, revealing, and reflective. I present these here as guidelines for the planning, enacting, and evaluating of a curriculum focused on understanding.
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What is an example of a curriculum?

What is a curriculum example? For example, a school may use an accredited curriculum for language arts featuring numerous tools for delivering academic content: workbooks, presentation slides, activity suggestions, etc.
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What is the meaning of determinants of development?

There are many – mostly complex, interrelated and often fuzzy – conditions, factors, mechanisms (including historical, geographic, economic, technological, educational, social, cultural, political, psychological etc.) which determine the character, structure, pace, effectiveness of IS emergence and its progress.
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What is development determinants?

the conditions and variables that influence emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development from conception to maturity. Examples include parental attitudes and stimulation, peer relationships, learning experiences, recreational activities, and hereditary predispositions.
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What are the determinants of development and explain?

The process of development depends on a host of factors like natural resources, physical and human capital, technology, socio-politico-economic structure of the country. Determinants of development are broadly classified into economic factors and non-economic factors.
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How is the effectiveness of curriculum determined?

Effectiveness of curriculum change at the classroom or individual level (i.e. effects on teaching and learning) is directly determined by the interaction between changes in curriculum and teacher competence and characteristics of students and the class; and is also indirectly affected by curriculum change and teacher ...
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What are two of the five influences on curriculum?

Let's look at examples of how to align curriculum and instruction to the elements of the Curriculum That Matters Framework, and how doing so can impact student learning. These five elements include practices, deep thinking, social and emotional learning, civic engagement, and equity.
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What are the four main principles of the curriculum framework?

The principles of the curriculum are norms, values, moralities, and philosophies that will benefit teachers, students, and the whole education system. The curriculum and instructional strategy are essential components of imparting knowledge to students.
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What are the stages of curriculum development?

Curriculum Development Process: Designing Future Impact
  • Definition and importance of curriculum development. ...
  • Benefits for educators and learners. ...
  • Different curriculum development models. ...
  • Phase I: Needs Assessment. ...
  • Phase II: Planning and Content Development. ...
  • Phase III: Implementation. ...
  • Phase IV: Evaluation and Reporting.
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What are the qualities of good curriculum?

What Does an Effective Curriculum Look Like?
  • Adapts to an Evolving World. ...
  • Contains Research-based Teaching Techniques. ...
  • Encourages Collaboration. ...
  • Meets the Needs of the Students. ...
  • Establishes Quantifiable Objectives. ...
  • Align Your Curriculum to the School's Core Values. ...
  • State Your Learning Objectives.
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What are the elements of a good curriculum?

Any curriculum consists of several components: objectives, attitudes, time, students and teachers, needs analysis, classroom activities, materials, study skills, language skills, vocabulary, grammar and assessment.
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What are the three levels of curriculum planning used in teaching?

... A curriculum comprises three forms: the intended curriculum, implemented curriculum, and attained curriculum (Cai, 2014; Schmidt et al., 2001). The intended curriculum encompasses the official syllabus and prescribed textbooks. ...
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What are the internal factors that can influence curriculum development?

Internal frame factors include a description of the organizational structure of the parent academic institution; its mission and purpose, philosophy, and goals; the internal economic situation and its influence on the curriculum; resources within the institution (e.g., laboratories, classrooms, library, academic ...
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What is the most influential factor in curriculum development?

Government policies and regulations: Curriculum development can be influenced by government policies and regulations, which may set standards and requirements for what students should be learning at different grade levels.
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