What famous person struggled in school?

Walt Disney Found Success Against All Odds As a child, he was diagnosed with ADHD and struggled in school. Because of this, his classmates often made fun of him, and he couldn't stay focused on his work. However, Walt Disney did not let his challenges hold him back.
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What famous person repeated a grade?

Winston Churchill, a famous politician, had to repeat a grade in elementary school. Steven Spielburg, a famous movie producer, temporarily dropped out of high school and when he returned, he was put in a “special ed” class.
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Which celebrity was a high school dropout?

Stars Who Never Graduated High School: Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Rihanna and More. The school of life! Plenty of celebrities didn't finish high school, but they still became super successful — and made some serious cash along the way.
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Who is successful but didn t get a good education?

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded shoppingmode Apple Computer Inc. in 1976. They were both high school dropouts who had no formal training in computer science.
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Who was the genius that struggled in school?

Albert Einstein : The Genius Who Failed School - Biography Book Best Sellers | Children's Biography Books.
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What did Albert Einstein struggle with in school?

What many people don't know is that Einstein was not the “perfect student” when he was young. His speech was delayed, and he was said to be forgetful and a daydreamer. He didn't socialize well with other children and exhibited temper tantrums. He also didn't excel in subjects that required rote memorization.
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Was Albert Einstein a failing student?

Einstein's Education

According to popular lore, Albert Einstein was a poor student. It is true that he did not earn top grades in every subject, but he excelled at math and science, even though he skipped classes and had to cram for exams.
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Did Bill Gates have good grades?

It is true that Bill Gates reportedly received mostly C grades in high school, except for math, which he excelled at. However, academic performance in high school is not necessarily a predictor of future success.
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Which rich person didn t go to school?

McDonald's founder Ray Kroc and Walt Disney both left high school to pursue other interests that became globally-recognized brands. Likewise, Henry Ford and Coco Chanel never finished high school but created enduring brand names that outlasted their lifetimes.
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What famous person didn't finish high school?

Quentin Tarantino dropped out at 15.

The Oscar winner attended Narbonne High School in Harbor City, California, until he dropped out at the age of 15 and started working as an usher at an adult film theater while taking acting classes, according to Bio.
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Did Katy Perry quit school?

Katy Perry Dominated The Music Industry Without A Degree

Having said that, she's not exactly a fit for the famous people who failed school category. Perry left school at age 17, halting her schooling to follow her dreams of a career in the music industry.
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Did Elon Musk finish high school?

Early education. Musk's early education started at Waterkloof House, a preparatory school in South Africa. Thereafter, he went to Pretoria Boys High School. After graduating from high school, he started the journey to America where he had an opportunity to make a difference.
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Did Katy Perry drop out of school?

— -- Katy Perry dropped out of high school at 15 to pursue her career. (She earned her GED instead.) While things obviously worked out for the singer, she admitted that she does have a few regrets about that decision.
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Who went to school 100 years ago?

Not all children went to school

And most of those students only attended school for a few years to learn basic English and math. In 1900, only 11 percent of high school-age children were enrolled in school at all. These 14 everyday objects looked pretty different 100 years ago, too.
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Who got held back the most in school?

Black, Hispanic, and low-income students are disproportionately held back. Part of this reflects the fact that those students, on average, score worse on state tests. But that does not appear to be the only reason.
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What rich people didn t have good grades?

Steve Jobs: The late co-founder of Apple failed academically and dropped out of school after just one semester. After only two years at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg—the co-founder and CEO of Facebook—left to focus on expanding his company.
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What billionaires went to public school?

Here are seven other self-made billionaires, including Charlie Munger, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos, who all graduated from public high schools and, in some cases, also went on to graduate from public universities.
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Did Elon Musk get perfect grades?

He wasn't an “excellent” student but, he was an “"exceptionally bright” student. In his book it's stated that he would be so bored in class going over work that he had already taught himself.
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Did Mark Zuckerberg get good grades?

He has stated in interviews that his high school GPA was almost unblemished - we do know that his record was sufficient for him to be admitted to Harvard and for him to take a job instead of attending class." Since Zuckerberg went to Harvard, I think we could reason that his GPA was very high.
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Why did Zuckerberg drop out of Harvard?

Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to move to Silicon Valley and start his Facebook empire. Worked out well for him, I imagine he's on a good enough wage these days.
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What scientists did poorly in school?

Here are some of the greatest scientists in history whose difficult backgrounds made their achievements all the more remarkable.
  • Niccolo Tartaglia. Lived 1500 – 1557. ...
  • Jacob Berzelius. Lived 1779 – 1848. ...
  • Michael Faraday. Lived 1791 – 1867. ...
  • Mary Anning. ...
  • James Croll. ...
  • Alfred Nobel. ...
  • George Washington Carver. ...
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan.
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What was Einstein's IQ?

His performance beats those of physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, who were both estimated to have IQs around 160.
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Was Einstein a gifted child?

Albert Einstein remained one of the 'hidden gifted' throughout his years at school as the characteristics which defined giftedness at this time encompassed neither his style of learning nor his areas of giftedness.
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