What is the drug policy at WCU?

In view of the University's desire and obligation to maintain a drug-free workplace, the University will not tolerate the sale, possession, distribution, use, being under the influence, or presence in the body, of alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, or non-prescribed behavior-modifying or hallucinogenic drugs while at work ...
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Do they drug test at West Coast University?

Screening for drugs or alcohol will be required. The student will have to give consent for such testing, and authorization for results to be made available to the University. All testing costs will be the responsibility of the student.
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Is Western Carolina University a dry campus?

Alcoholic Beverages

Guests over 21 may consume alcohol only at authorized functions or inside their individual rooms/suites but not in any public or common area of a residence hall based on guidelines of University Policy 81.
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What is the substance abuse policy in the workplace?

While working, you must not: Possess, use or be under the influence of alcohol, inhalants or drugs. You can consume alcohol in moderation while in approved business meetings or social gatherings. Sell, buy, transfer or distribute drugs or drug paraphernalia.
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What is the UIW drug policy?

Possession of drug paraphernalia and the use, manufacture, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs, whether on or off campus, by any student is also prohibited.
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What is the Federal drug Free Schools Act?

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act was passed in 1989 as part of the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and requires institutions of higher education that receive federal funding to execute a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program for its campus community.
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Does UIW have a pharmacy program?

terminal degree offered at the UIW Feik School of Pharmacy. Students must maintain specific requirements throughout two years of undergraduate study at UIW in order to guarantee an interview to the four-year professional pharmacy program.
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What is an example of a substance abuse policy?

All applicants and employees under contract with [company name], including paid interns, volunteers, and part-time, seasonal, and permanent employees, are prohibited from using, storing, manufacturing, and distributing illegal and illicit drugs and/or alcohol while on company premises.
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What is an example of a workplace drug and alcohol policy?

Employees and applicants are strictly prohibited from possessing, manufacturing, distributing, storing, consuming, or otherwise using alcohol and illegal drugs, as defined by state or federal laws and regulations, on [Employer]'s premises and worksites, at [Employer] activities, or in any [Employer] vehicle.
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What are characteristics of a drug-free workplace policy?

A drug-free workplace policy can include a statement of purpose and a discussion of implementation approaches. The other main elements of an effective policy are: Goals. Definitions, Expectations, and Prohibitions.
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Are there parties at WCU?

Party Scene

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week. Lots of options Wednesday-Saturday. Some decent frat/house parties, weekends only. Good parties are few and far between.
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What is Western Carolina University known for?

Recognized as a top adventure college and surrounded by the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains, students can explore the region's vast natural diversity through unrivaled experiential learning and recreational activities.
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What items are allowed at WCU?

You may bring small end tables, shelves, television, refrigerator (of no more than 4.6 cubic feet or 5 amps), microwave oven, plants, pillows, rugs/carpet, and wastepaper baskets. You are not permitted to paint your room.
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Do colleges drug test players?

The NCAA and its member schools can conduct drug testing. The NCAA conducts testing at its championships in Division I, II, and III, and year-round on campus in Division I and II programs. In addition, member schools can and do conduct their own institutional testing programs independent of NCAA testing programs.
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Do they drug test college players?

Before playing, student-athletes often sign a consent form. This form says they agree to get tested. The athlete might face punishments or sanctions if there's a positive drug test.
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Do college players get drug tested?

Student-athletes who test positive for a banned substance, or who breach NCAA testing protocol requirements, are subject to loss of eligibility. These student-athletes may be subject to additional testing for all NCAA banned substances by the NCAA at any time.
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What is alcohol policy?

General Alcohol Policy

A combination of Federal, State, and local laws help shape the role alcohol plays in the United States, including how we: Manufacture alcohol. Sell alcohol. Decide who can drink alcohol. Respond to alcohol-related problems.
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How do you handle alcohol in the workplace?

How to Approach a Coworker with a Suspected Alcohol Problem
  1. Keep clear documentation of their concerns with specific examples.
  2. Meet with the employee privately and away from coworkers.
  3. Point out patterns of poor performance or tardiness.
  4. Possess a questioning, rather than accusatory, tone.
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Is alcohol prohibited in the workplace?

Employment law doesn't prohibit the consumption of alcohol during work hours, but many companies choose to create their own policies which do. Alcohol consumption during working hours may be stated to be misconduct, meaning employees would usually face disciplinary action for breaking the rules.
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What is a substance abuse policy?

A Substance Abuse Policy is a document that outlines the expectations and consequences for employees who abuse drugs or alcohol. The policy should include a definition of substance abuse, expectations for employee behavior, and consequences for violating the policy.
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What is the purpose of drug policies?

Drug policies are usually aimed at combatting drug addiction or dependence addressing both the demand and supply of drugs, as well as mitigating the harms of drug use, and providing medical assistance and treatment.
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What is the best example of drug abuse?

An example of drug misuse is when a person who can't fall asleep after taking a single sleeping pill takes another pill an hour later hoping that “it'll do the job.” However, it's drug abuse when a person consumes sleeping pills to manage their moods or acquire a “buzz,” or — in worst-case scenarios — to commit suicide ...
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What is the ranking of UIW Pharmacy School?

UIW Pharmacy Program Ranked Among Tops In Nation in Online Rankings. The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) Feik School of Pharmacy has been ranked No. 2 in the nation by the online publication
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What is the easiest pharmacy school to get into?

Easiest Pharmacy Schools to Get Into
  • The University of Louisiana Monroe College of Pharmacy. ...
  • The University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy. ...
  • The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. ...
  • Purdue University College of Pharmacy. ...
  • Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
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How long is the nursing program at UIW?

The UIW Traditional BSN is a five-semester program that requires 28 months to complete.
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